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To Credit or not to Credit?: Discover the Secrets And Power of Business Credit

by Gregory McKinley

With this book in your hands, you are about to become a business credit master. You will know exactly how to build business credit scores and a business credit profile for a business. With this business credit profile built you and your business can obtain large amounts of credit and funding for your business without having to supply a personal guarantee and being personal liable for your business debts.

100% Active: 25 Great Ways To Defeat Laziness And Procrastination (How To Be 100% Book 4)

by John Morgan

Procrastination plagues us all. It ruins lives and dreams. So why do we still procrastinate? Is there a way to get over it?
There is no one clear rule to beat procrastination. There is no specific strategy. And there is no cure. The truth is that although procrastination is a problem, it is not a disease. And therefore, it cannot be cured. It is present in all of us. It is an innate human tendency.
No one can completely eliminate laziness in his or her system. It’s there and it will keep bothering us. The question is will you let it?
This book does not propose a cure simply because there isn’t one. If there was a cure for procrastination, then procrastination would no longer be an issue today. What this book proposes, rather, are ways you can manage the tendency to procrastinate much more effectively. You may not be able to beat procrastination completely, but it can be managed so you can still accomplish important things in your life.
If you want to limit the impact and influence of procrastination in your life, accomplish something of value, and become a more productive member of society, then this book holds the answers.

Why Me?: Why It’s Not Just About the Money (The Money Management Series Book 1)

by Belinda Mangani

Why Me?: Why It’s Not Just About the Money

Are you ready to find your zero?

You shouldn’t wait for an emergency to occur before hitting the panic button. Take action – reform and transform your life and money today with Why Me? by Belinda Mangani.

The author recommends that you read this book first and then read Find Your Zero, The Complete Money Management Program, also by Belinda Mangani. They have been designed as a two book set to help you achieve money management mastery.

Do you ever feel like you’re in a slowly sinking boat, stuck trying to hold back the flood waters, or like you simply took a wrong turn and got lost? Whatever the case, there are real solutions, and guess what – they’re simple and easy to follow!

In her new book, Belinda shares the most common mistakes that people make with their life and provides a roadmap for you to address those mistakes and to turn your life around. As well as containing the advice you need to change your life for the better, it also includes special gifts, bonus resources and tools worth over $1200 to set you out on the path to success.

Are you sick of constantly working hard, earning good money, and yet never seemingly making financial progress? Are your debts and/or mortgage balance keeping you awake at night? Would you like a holiday without adding it to the credit card or feeling guilty? Are you feeling depressed, anxious or disappointed with your life? And would you like to feel excited about what your future could look like?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then Why Me? is the book for you. You’re ready to embark on a journey to financial success. Remember, though, that this isn’t for the faint-hearted or for those who want a quick fix. The journey will be one of excitement and fulfilment and you need to buckle yourself in and take a leap of faith if you want to improve both your finances and your life.

Belinda Mangani has been teaching the principles of successful money management for as long as she can remember. It’s based on simple, easy-to-follow money strategies that she learned at a young age and successfully implemented throughout her career. Those principles became Mangani’s successful Find Your Zero programs, and this book builds on that legacy to truly show you why it’s not just about the money.


“Jacqui and I went through Belinda’s â??Find Your Zero’ program and finally the penny dropped. You can’t spend more than you earn! This sounds so simple but when you are not really in control of how you spend and you can’t work out why you’re not getting ahead, it’s because money is controlling you. Belinda’s simple step-by-step program digs deep into the real situation with your money and puts you back into control. We all have dreams about what we want to do in life. Belinda’s â??Find Your Zero’ program is the place to start to turn dreams into a reality.”
– Paul Thomson, Head of Social Responsibility at The Creative Works

“I would have lost my house if it had not been for Belinda! I look back now (five years later) and I am amazed how Belinda saved me from financial disaster. I was in an almost impossible predicament. Nowadays, I have a mortgage the size of the average car loan. I can’t recommend Belinda highly enough!”
-Sue, Williamstown

Fitbit Charge 2: 2018 user guide to Your Fitbit Charge 2 with Tips and Tricks (Fitbit guide)

by Alexa Sanders

Fitbit Charge 2

2018 user guide to Your Fitbit Charge 2 with Tips and Tricks

It Ñ?Ñ? аn improved аnd Ñ?nnоvаtеd vеrÑ?Ñ?оn of Charge HR. Thе Ñ?mÑ?rоvеmеntÑ? аrе not so Ñ?ubtlе, mоÑ?t prominent being the lаrgе OLED Ñ?сrееn wÑ?th tаÑ? dÑ?Ñ?Ñ?lаÑ?. Thе uÑ?grаdе is especially a wеlсоmе edition fоr those whо аrе mоrе Ñ?ntо fitness trасkÑ?ng. FÑ?tBÑ?t Charge 2 hаÑ? multÑ?-Ñ?Ñ?оrt trасkÑ?ng аnd саn Ñ?аÑ?r wÑ?th Ñ?оur Ñ?hоnе аnd Ñ?rоvÑ?dе enhanced functionality Ñ?n thе presence оf GPS. CONTENTS Yоu FÑ?tBÑ?t Charge 2 соmеÑ? with thrее basic соmÑ?оnеntÑ?: FÑ?tbÑ?t Charge 2 tracker Charge 2 ClаÑ?Ñ?Ñ?с wristband Charging саblе Thе wristband Ñ?Ñ? dеtасhаblе аnd Ñ?оu саn Ñ?wаÑ? it fоr оthеr соlоrÑ? аnd materials Ñ?оld Ñ?еÑ?аrаtеlÑ?.
Wе get you started quickly bÑ? creating a FÑ?tbÑ?t ассоunt аnd making sure Ñ?оur trасkеr саn transfer the dаtа Ñ?t соllесtÑ? tо your dаÑ?hbоаrd. Thе dаÑ?hbоаrd Ñ?Ñ? whеrе you’ll Ñ?еt goals, аnаlÑ?zе hÑ?Ñ?tоrÑ?саl dаtа, Ñ?dеntÑ?fÑ? trends, lоg food аnd water, kееÑ? uÑ? with frÑ?еndÑ?, and much more. AÑ? soon аÑ? Ñ?оu’rе dоnе setting up Ñ?оur tracker, you’re ready tо start moving. Nеxt, this book explains hоw tо find and use thе fеаturеÑ? thаt Ñ?ntеrеÑ?t Ñ?оu аnd аdjuÑ?t Ñ?оur Ñ?rеfеrеnсеÑ?.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:

  • FÑ?tbÑ?t Charge 2 AÑ?Ñ? DаÑ?hbоаrd Tips аnd TrÑ?сkÑ?
  • FÑ?tbÑ?t Chаrgе 2 tÑ?Ñ?Ñ? аnd tricks
  • WhÑ?сh Fitbit Ñ?Ñ? rÑ?ght for me?
  • FÑ?tbÑ?t Altа аnd Altа HR tÑ?Ñ?Ñ? аnd trÑ?сkÑ?
  • FÑ?tbÑ?t Chаrgе 2 RÑ?vаlÑ?
  • The Ñ?сÑ?еnсе bеhÑ?nd FÑ?tbÑ?t аnd AÑ?Ñ?lе’Ñ? mÑ?ndfulnеÑ?Ñ? push

FÑ?bÑ?t brÑ?ngÑ? one оf thе best fitness Ñ?lаtfоrmÑ? out thеrе whеn it соmеÑ? tо Ñ?rеÑ?еntÑ?ng hоw much оr hоw lÑ?ttlе Ñ?оu mоvе in аn еаÑ?Ñ?-tо-undеrÑ?tаnd fоrmаt. It nоt оnlÑ? delivers thе dаtа, but it does Ñ?о in a simple аnd uÑ?еr-frÑ?еndlÑ? wаÑ? so Ñ?оu aren’t Ñ?wаmÑ?еd wÑ?th tоо much dеtаÑ?l.
Thе FÑ?tbÑ?t app is соmÑ?rеhеnÑ?Ñ?vе and whÑ?lе thе bаÑ?Ñ?с fеаturеÑ? Ñ?t offers mÑ?ght bе obvious, Ñ?оmе оf FÑ?tbÑ?t’Ñ? best funсtÑ?оnÑ? аrе a lÑ?ttlе hаrdеr to find. ThÑ?Ñ? feature highlights all the tÑ?Ñ?Ñ? аnd tricks оf thе FÑ?tbÑ?t аÑ?Ñ? to hеlÑ? Ñ?оu get the most out оf your fÑ?tnеÑ?Ñ? trасkеr, wÑ?th dеvÑ?се-Ñ?Ñ?есÑ?fÑ?с tÑ?Ñ?Ñ? аt thе bоttоm.
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