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Rotten Rapunzel (Dark Fairy Tale Queen Series Book 3)

by Anita Valle

I have been in this tower for fifteen years. Snow White has frozen me inside it
and covered the rest of our kingdom with ice and snow. I can’t remember what
summer is like. And I have never seen people or had a friend.

It’s not fair. I’m a princess, the daughter of Cinderella. This kingdom belongs to ME. Not to the nasty new queen who’s taken over. Snowy ruined my life, she
doesn’t care about me. She only keeps me because I cry magic tears.

I have to escape. Have to take back the palace before my lost twin gets it. Have to punish Snowy for wrecking the kingdom. Have to make at least ONE stupid
friend. And I really have to do something about my hair.

Book Details

  • Length: Approx. 250 pages
  • Genre: Dark Fairy Tale Retelling
  • Mood: Dark/Humorous
  • Content: Moderate violence. No sex scenes or erotica.
  • Audience: Teens and Adults.

Other Books by Anita Valle

  • SINFUL CINDERELLA: Dark Fairy Tale Queen Series Book 1
  • SNEAKY SNOW WHITE: Dark Fairy Tale Queen Series Book 2
  • MAELYN: The Nine Princesses Book 1
  • CORALINA: The Nine Princesses Book 2
  • HEIDEL: The Nine Princesses Book 3
  • BRIETTE: The Nine Princesses Book
  • MONSTER MANOR: A novel for middle-grade kids

A dark fantasy for lovers of retold fairy tales!

The Four Horsemen: Legacy (The Four Horsemen Series Book 1)

by LJ Swallow

What’s worse than being pursued by the Four Horsemen? Discovering you’re the Fifth.

Verity Jameson’s day switches from mundane to disastrous when she runs down a stranger with her car. Fortunately for Vee, she can’t kill Death.

Death, who just happens to be one of the Four Horsemen, and he’s looking for her.

The Four Horsemen: Legacy is the first book in an addictive new urban fantasy reverse harem series from USA Today bestselling author, LJ Swallow.

The Four Horsemen spend life preventing the end of the world, not bringing on an apocalypse. Without their fifth member, the Four Horsemen are losing the battle. Now they’ve found Verity and what they tell her goes far beyond the conspiracy theories Vee spends her free time investigating.

A new life with four dark, sexy and dangerous men fighting demons, vampires and fae? Not what Vee had planned, but a hell of a lot more interesting than her boring job in tech support.

So what happens when the unbreakable bond of the Five takes control in a way none of them expected?

The Four Horsemen books are a reverse harem urban fantasy series. Prepare to follow the lives of Vee and the Four Horsemen through addictive books filled with action, suspense and magic. Start the series with Legacy and discover why readers have fallen inlove with the books–and the Horsemen! The series contains strong language, steamy scenes, a kickass heroine and four guys who’ll do anything for the girl who’s the centre of their world.

This book is written in British English, which means some spelling and grammar may appear incorrect to some readers. The book has been professionally edited.

Dr. Wolf, the Fae Rift Series Book 1- Shockwave

by Cheree Alsop

When the divide between the fae world and the human world is torn apart, Aleric Bayne is thrown into the ensuing chaos. Hurt and disoriented, the werewolf finds himself in a hospital emergency room. When other fae creatures begin to show up, Aleric sneaks them into the D wing of the hospital. With no one else able to treat their unusual conditions, Aleric steps into the role of Dr. Wolf. He has one goal in mind, to help the fae and close the Rift. But Dr. Wolf has walls around the memories of his own broken past that threaten to unravel the world he is holding together by a thread.

Creepy Time Volumen 1: Historias de Terror (Spanish Edition)

by Robinson Fowler

¿Te gustan las historias cortas de terror?
Si tu respuesta es SÍ… Eres bienvenido. Estas historias son breves, pero te garantizo que te sumergirás en el terror más profundo que tú puedas conocer…
Cuentos y experiencias paranormales que desearás jamás te sucedan. Bienvenido seas a estas Creepypastas, a estas experiencias paranormales que a cualquiera podría pasarle y que jamás desearías ser protagonista.
Bienvenido seas al mundo de las Historias Cortas de Terror…

Knowledge Hurts (The Nememiah Chronicles Book 3)

by D.S. Williams

Charlotte Duncan’s quest to rescue her friends has been successful – but at what cost?

In love with two very different men, the vampire Lucas Tine and werewolf Conal Tremaine, Charlotte struggles to reconcile her emotions, terrified of losing both of them.

There is little time to deal with the repercussions of her choices, when the Drâghici Consiliului’s plans uncover. Intent on controlling all supernatural creatures, they will stop at nothing to achieve their goal – even resorting to mass murder.

And at the centre of their plans is the second Nememiah’s Child, Archangelo. Created by the Consiliului, he is half angel, half vampire… and holds a dangerous obsession with Charlotte.

Between the Trees: Trilogy of the Trees Book 1


A mystery like no other!

Anaya Green is a reporter for the Central Times Newspaper. Preferring to work on article submissions from home, she often sits outside on the back patio of her expansive backyard. She organizes her thoughts by talking out loud to her favorite tree, a unique looking tree with massive branches. Of course, she doesn’t expect the tree to talk back… and yet, one day a large green leaf gently floats out of the tree and lands directly in her lap. Hesitantly, she reads the message inscribed on the leaf.
It reads: Watch out for Adam.
Anaya doesn’t know anyone named Adam. She goes inside the house and puts the leaf aside, unable to fathom what has just happened. The next morning, the strange occurrence is repeated. New words are inscribed on a leaf.
It reads: 2331 Olive St. Hurry.
Although Anaya can’t explain what is happening, she kicks into reporter mode and immediately drives to the address… and there it begins. A surreal communication between a woman and her favorite tree reveals the tree’s perspective… which is often humorous and insightful. The impact on Anaya’s life is profound. She finds herself in a quandary… the messages must be kept a secret if her relationship with the tree is to survive.

Books in the Trilogy of the Trees:
Between the Trees (Book 1)
Among the Trees (Book 2)
At the Tree’s Edge (Book 3)

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