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Kissing the Captain: A Roses of Ridgeway Historical Romance (The Roses of Ridgeway Book 1)

by Kianna Alexander

An Amazon Bestselling Title in Historical Fiction

Kissing the Captain: A Roses of Ridgeway Historical Romance
© by Kianna Alexander

Historical Romance Interracial
Victorian Historical Romance American
Kindle Short Reads 90 minutes

Heat Level: Sweet (love scenes take place off page, behind closed doors)

Setting/Time Period: Victorian America- California, US, 1879

-Explore love, life, and the challenges of a bygone era.-

Ridgeway, California: A fictional, mixed race settlement founded by abolitionists in 1853, after the madness of the California gold rush died down. Located near present-day Oakland, California, the town is home to a little less than 500 citizens. In Ridgeway, everybody knows everybody else- which can be a good thing- or a bad thing.

The Roses of Ridgeway: The feisty, determined female citizens of the settlement. They are intelligent, loving, and know their own minds- but they are far from perfect.

From Heartbreak to New Beginnings

In 1879, near the small northern California town of Ridgeway, Lilly Warren is a young woman who has recently lost her father. There is little time for mourning, though, as the responsibility of running the twenty-six acre farm now belongs to her. To make matters even more complex, her father has deeded the house and the land to her in his will with an interesting condition: that she share the land with a person she’s never met, or forfeit ownership.

Leaving the Sea Behind for a New Love

Ricardo Benigno is a Spanish captain of the Anna Juanita, a shipping vessel bringing spices and oils to the shores of California. Seeking out the farm of his old friend Leonard Warren, he discovers that the older man has passed away. To his surprise, Ricardo has also been willed joint ownership of Warren land, as long as he shares it with Lilly, Warren’s only child.

Will There be Romance, or Rebellion?

The attraction between them is instant, and they both agree that marriage is the only acceptable way they can share the land. But can two people from such different worlds learn to love each other, or will Lilly’s heart be broken if she dares to kiss the captain?

You will instantly be swept away into a rich, visual setting and an intensely beautiful love story. Scroll up and get your copy right away!

Roses of Ridgeway Series Chronology

This is book #1 in the Roses of Ridgeway historical romance small town series by Kianna Alexander. Below is the series chronology:
Book 1: Kissing the Captain– Lilly and Ricardo’s story
Book 2: The Preacher’s Paramour– Prudence and Derrick’s story
Book 3: Loving the Lawman– Valerie and Noah’s story
Book 4: A Ridgeway Christmas Visit your favorite couples for the holidays
Book 5: Electing to Love– Gregory and Angel’s story

Twig ( A Romantic Thriller ) [Second Edition]

by J. R. Wright


This is the story of Willow ‘Twig’ Olsen, a woman of scandinavian descent, who was trapped into an existance of traditional servitude for the first thirty eight years of her life, and what transpires after her last parent dies, and she is finally free to seek male companionship, as she has long desired. What happens thereafter is a whirlwind of unexpected events that lead to greed, deception, and eventually murder.

This book goes far above and significantly deeper than any simple romance…or many suspense thrillers. Readers will be compelled to discover each detail; to keep turning the pages.

This is a suspenseful thriller of beauty, tenderness, havoc, and calm, tossed together in chapters that electrify and stun.

This is one, approx. 300 page Novel, that ought to to be made into a movie. I see Charlize Theron as Willow Olsen and Brad Pitt as Lonnie Doolittle. One could even visualize George Clooney as J. Zachery Tyrone……….

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