Free Kindle books for children and young adults for 02 Sep 18

The Sad Pumpkin – A Halloween Story For Kids

by Adam G Newton

Sally The Pumpkin is awfully sad, but it isn’t the weather that makes her feel bad.

Poor Sally was carved with a frown, and there’s nothing she can do about it, until….

Find out what happens to Sally in this fully illustrated short story written in rhyme. Suitable for children of all ages!

The elderly prince: A tale for big kids (The little prince Book 2)

by Ricardo Martí Ruiz

The little prince returns in this charming sequel to the all time classic.

Calaca’s Best Friend: Bilingual in Spanish and English

by Eileen Finn

This bilingual Spanish and English book explains to children in a very unique way what Day of the Dead is and some of the customs used to honor those who have passed. It is presented in a fun-loving approach from the point of view of a girl’s pet. The book is accompanied by traditional Mexican style illustrations, which use vibrant brilliant colors.

A Tribute to Tulipia

by Chiara Talluto

Sometimes you have to stand up for what is right.

A wild forest is no place for a pretty young orphaned tulip to live in. However, Tulipia didn’t have a choice in her habitation, a place where she is often despised and ridiculed. Was it fate or a blessing to be spared when her parents were taken away from the Jade Oasis?

One terrifying evening Tulipia’s future is risked, and all the wisdom taught to her by her mother and father scrutinized. Will standing up to wickedness prove to Tulipia’s enemies what standing out truly means?

This Year on My Vacation

by Camela White

This year on my vacation is a children’s book about baseball and Roody an elephant.

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