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by Timothy Freriks

Julia is odd. Julia is brilliant and confident. And Julia is determined to become the hottest fashion designer in the industry.
But Julia is a threat.
When corporate greed destroyed her father, Julia decided to get even; she would make the man responsible pay for his crimes. But she was poor and living on her own. Her only weapon was her strength, her belief in herself, and her genius for designing clothes that fascinated and bewildered the fashion world.
Julia’s success became an obsession to a man who would stop at nothing to acquire her line of women’s wear and save his failing company.
Including murder. He’s done it before.

Cozy Leading Ladies

by Julie Smith


A yummy anthology containing FIVE top-rated cozy mysteries, each featuring smart and savvy ladiesâ??who aren’t afraid to kick some butt. PLUS a romantic puzzler bonus, which isn’t at all what you might expectâ?¦

From murder at a conference in fashionable Provence to an underground feminist bordello in San Francisco (with a pit stop on the Gulf Cost where a killer’s on the loose while a hurricane closes in), Cozy Leading Ladies is sure to satisfy mystery readers who love their independent female sleuths. (Friendly piece of advice: it’s probably best to read the collection with a box of chocolates or your favorite brand of potato chips really nearby).

Vol. 1: DEATH TURNS A TRICK, the FIRST book in the Rebecca Schwartz mystery series by Edgar Award Winner Julie Smith


Rebecca Schwartz, nice Jewish lawyer with a few too many fantasies, is happily playing the piano in a whorehouse when she suddenly finds herself assigned to make sure a near-naked state senator escapes a police raid. That dirty job done, a lovely evening turns even more delightful when she’s picked up by the cops and spends the next two hours at the Hall of Justice. Could this day get any worse? Of course! Guess who arrives home to find a dead hooker on her living room floor?

Vol. 2: THE AURA, the FIRST Kate Benedict Paranormal Mystery by Carrie Bedford

Life spins out of control for London architect Kate Benedict when she sees a dancing aura above certain people’s heads that seems to signal death. Suddenly she’s psychic. But that can’t be! Psychic’s not acceptable in her circle, where the supernatural is strictly for the superstitious. And yetâ?¦people are dying. People close to her.

Vol. 3: THE 13th FELLOW, A Mystery In Provence by Tracy Whiting


American Professor Havilah Gaie has always seen herself as “an academic version of Pam Grier’s characters: smart, quick on their feet, loyal with a keen sense of purpose.” Now she’s got a chance to suit up for action because suddenly she’s a witness in a murder.

Vol. 4: HURRICANE SEASON: Florida Panhandle Mystery #1 by Michaela Thompson

“Miss Marple meets Eudora Welty (with a trace of Erskine Caldwell)”Kirkus

The 1950s fairly leap off the page in this classic cozy mystery set in northern Florida in the Eisenhower era, complete with Johnny Ray on the jukebox and a Womanless Weddingâ??this one interrupted by an explosion at a moonshine still. Lily Trulock, owner of Trulock’s Grocery & Marine Supply, leads a pretty quiet life until a stranger comes to town. Before she can say, “down the hatch,” Lily’s at the center of a vicious murder and a no-holds-barred bootlegging warâ??and a nasty storm’s on the way.

Vol. 5: PICK-UP LINE A New Orleans Love Story by Patty Friedmann


Cupid’s working overtime in the unlikely venue of N.O. Drugs, where plus-sized beauty Ciana Jambon works with dread-locked pharmacy student Lennon Israel, and she’s got the crush of the century. Unbeknownst to her, Lennon’s carrying his own torch, but family problems distract both of them until tragedy leaves Ciana reeling. Lennon wonders if there’s a murderer in her clan, and he’s pretty sure he’s the only one who can help.

BONUS! DIAMONDS IN THE SKY: A mysterious Southern Love Story by M.A. Harper

Clint Wolf Boxed Set: Books 4 – 6

by BJ Bourg

Books 4-6 (But Not Forever, But Not For Naught, and But Not Forbidden) of the Clint Wolf Mystery Series by award-winning author BJ Bourg now available as a boxed set!


After a year of working as a tour guide in the swamps of Louisiana–and the day after a man’s body is found in a canal–former Police Chief Clint Wolf realizes he can’t stay away from law enforcement work forever. Ditching his paddle for a pistol, he rejoins the Mechant Loup Police Department, but this time as their chief investigator, and he works beside Police Chief Susan Wilson as they seek to solve the mystery in the canal.

While it isn’t odd to find drowned bodies floating in the vast waterways of Louisiana from time to time, it is unusual to find a body with six bullet holes in its back. This first case back for Clint won’t be a walk in the park, but a blue truck and a single piece of paper might be the key to everything. The only problem? The truck has seemingly vanished into thin air and no one can find the piece of paper.


The only thing worse than being stabbed in the back is being shot in the back; and that’s exactly what happens to local bar owner Mitch Taylor. As Clint Wolf and Susan Wilson investigate, the list of suspects begins to grow and it includes the victim’s estranged wife. Just when it appears Clint is closing in on the killer, things takes a surprising turn and the entire complexion of the case is changed.

As though the twist in the case weren’t enough, Clint finds an old photograph that turns his personal life on its head and sets him on a dual quest for answers. Not only is he interrogating suspects, but he also interrogates his mother, and he begins to wonder what will be more difficultâ??discovering the secret to his past or solving Mitch Taylor’s murder. One thing is certainâ?¦no one will be the same after this is over.


The only thing Clint Wolf and Susan Wilson want to do is get married, but when a man is murdered in a most embarrassing way–shot to death while sitting on a porta potty–their wedding plans are placed in serious jeopardy. With only eight days to go until they say their vows, Clint and Susan go to work trying to find out who might want to kill the victim. There are a number of likely suspects and they all seem to have good reasons for wanting the man dead, but Clint and Susan must figure out who hated him the most.

As they work their way through the evidence in search of the truth, they are unknowingly headed for a deadly confrontation. Before it’s all over, bullets will start flying and people are going to die…and if they’re not careful, one of them might not make it to the altar.

May Day: Humor and Hijinks (A Mira James Mystery Book 1)

by Jess Lourey

Big fish. Little pond. Dead body?!? Yeah, don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine…

The not-so-proud owner of a dead-end job and a cheating boyfriend, cosmopolitan Mira James jumps at the chance for a fresh start in rural Battle Lake, Minnesota. She immediately regrets her move. That is, until she crosses paths with Jeff, the ultimate sexy nerd. When their romance heats up, she thinks she has it made.

And she does, right up until Jeff turns up dead.

Anxious to learn more about the man who briefly stole her heart, Mira delves into Battle Lake’s mysteries, including an old land deed obscuring ancient Ojibwe secrets, an octogenarian crowd with freaky social lives, and a handful of thirty-something high school buddies who hold bitter, decades-old grudges.

Mira soon discovers that unknown dangers are concealed under the polite exterior of this quirky town, and revenge is a hotdish best served cold.

May Day is a laugh-out-loud romantic comic caper mystery, perfect for readers who enjoy the humorous mysteries of Liliana Hart, Chelsea Field, Gina LaManna, Janet Evanovich, Denise Grover Swank, Amy Vansant, and Stephanie Bond. If you love to laugh while reading a page-turning mystery, this series is for you!

May Day is the first in an ongoing series featuring Mira James, an urban woman with rural Minnesota roots. The books do not need to be read in order; each novel stands alone. Get all the Mira James mysteries today!

May Day
June Bug
Knee High by the Fourth of July
August Moon
September Mourn
October Fest
November Hunt
December Dread
January Thaw
February Fever
March of Crime

Or, if you love to sink into a satisfying binge read, check out the bundles (Free on KU)!

Mira James Mysteries Summer Bundle, Books 1-4 (May, June, July, and August)
Mira James Mysteries Fall Bundle, Books 5-7 (September, October, November)
Mira James Mysteries Winter Bundle, Books 8-10 (December, January, February)


A hilarious and sexy small-town mystery!! Loved it!!” â??Anniereader (Amazon reviewer, five stars)

Tight plot and funny.” â??Betti (Amazon reviewer, five stars)

“Read this now! I had a hard time putting this one down...Good thing there are more in the series I haven’t yet read. I’m looking forward to devouring them!” â??S. Waters (Amazon reviewer, five stars)

“This trade paperback packed a punch…I loved it from the get-go!” â??Tulsa World

“What a romp this is! I found myself laughing out loud…” â??Crimespree Magazine

“Mira is the strength of the book. She has a unique voice, full of irreverent humor…I couldn’t help rooting for [her].” â??All about Romance

“Meet this witty heroine in Lourey’s engaging new series.” â??Mystery Scene Magazine

May Day starts the action rolling with a clever mystery and some snappy writing . . . These pages are filled with fresh dialogue!” â??In the Library

“Mira digs up a closetful of dirty secrets, including sex parties, cross-dressing and blackmail, on her way to exposing the killer. Lourey’s debut has a likeable heroine and surfeit of sass.” â??Kirkus

Shorting California

by Chris D Dodson

Social justice warriors, progressives, radical right versus radical left, liberals and conservatives, red state, blue state, illegal immigrationâ??the polarization of America? Racial strife with political activists on both sides is becoming violentâ??a nation on the brink with California at its epicenter.

Enter Sean Kirkpatrick, a dedicated social worker for the county of Los Angeles who has only one ambition: to serve the downtrodden of the world. But it’s not until Sean’s fiancee, Megan O’Riley, turns his marital plans upside down, causing a butterfly effect of events in Sean’s life, prodding him toward a path of denial and self-realization.

With a newfound mix of friends and lovers, enemies and geopolitical players, Sean Kirkpatrick finds himself ensnared within a labyrinth of social uprising and treacherous power.

A gripping, coming-of-age story, pitting man against the world, revealing with satirical flair, the clandestine world we live in.

The perfect chemistry of political thriller with a touch of comedic romance. 

Sapphic in the Shadows : Episode 1 – The First Case: A 1920’s New York Mystery

by Leanna Headley

As the new secretary to a private investigation firm, Ella Quick expects to spend her days making coffee and filing paperwork so it’s a pleasant surprise when her boss, Josie Desroches, takes her on assignments that not only open her eyes to the world but also teach her a thing or two about herself.

A Sapphic Historical Mystery Series

Set in New York City in the Roaring Twenties during a period of social revolution for women everywhere, bringing about significant change from fashion to suffrage to sexual expression, Sapphic in the Shadows follows Ella’s adventures as she and her feisty boss solve mysteries, get entangled with drugs, prostitutes and the mafia and encounter the biggest, most ingenious crime organization that the city has ever known.

Does it complicate things that Ella seems to be having romantic feelings for her boss? Certainly. Will it confuse matters further when Ella discovers her boss is a lesbian? A flirtatious and outlandish lesbian who regularly uses sex to get what she wants? Definitely.

Has Ella bit off more than she can chew by taking this job or would she have been better off staying at home, hoping to snag a rich husband?

Murder After Morning Coffee (Jessie Boudreaux Cozy Mystery Book 3)

by Kylie Dodson

Port Caralinda is a quaint and quiet beach town. Or, at least, it used to be. Lately, things have been chaotic and uncertain. Murder tends to have that affect.
Jessie Boudreaux and her labradoodle Fitzgerald have already solved two murders since moving back into town. Now with the summer season coming to a close, Jessie hopes the chaos is over.
Too bad for her.
A local bus driver is killed under mysterious circumstances and Jessie is the first person at the scene of the crime. But what looks like an accident, quickly turns into a more sinister plot.
Jessie has her suspicions, now she just has to put the pieces together to find and catch a killer.

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