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The Well-Crafted Mom: A Do-It-Yourself Guide for Making a Life You Love

by Kathleen Ann Harper

The Well-Crafted Mom is a do-it-yourself guide for making a life you love. Kathleen Ann Harper blends been-in-your-shoes stories and inspirational craft projects with smart self-care solutions for moms. In The Well-Crafted Mom, Kathleen links simple craft projects to life coaching tools to give moms creative reminders of what they’ve learned in each chapter, like how to grapple with mommy guilt; ways to tell the difference between having a mess and being a mess, and why it matters; and how to know when expectations are stealing your happiness and what you can do to reclaim joy. Within the pages of The Well-Crafted Mom, moms find reassurance that they’re not alone, see themselves in familiar stories, and discover new ways to craft their beautiful lives.

A-Z of Baby Girl Names: Choosing a Name For Your Daughter

by Erica Harvey

Unsure what to name to give your baby girl?

Don’t worry, this guide has you covered. With over 4,000 A-Z baby girls names, choosing a name for your baby has never been easier. With name meanings, variations and tips, you can rest assured that this book will enable you to make the right choice for your new born baby. Unlike other baby name guides, this book also includes a wide number of ethnic names including Jewish, Muslim, Hispanic, Japanese and French.

It can often seem like choosing a name for your newborn can leave you scratching your head and clueless. There are just so many names out there, right? Luckily, we’ve cut out the hard work for you and provided you with an essential extensive guide to choosing the perfect name for your baby.

Six-Minute Social Skills Workbook 3: Friendship Skills for Kids with Autism & Asperger’s

by Janine Toole PhD

Does your ASD learner need help with social skills?

The Six-Minute Social Skills workbooks are the solution you need.

These best-selling workbooks are designed for busy parents and professionals who need easy-to-use and effective materials to quickly build social confidence in learners who have Autism, Asperger’s and similar social skill challenges.

Using the Friendship Skillsworkbook, your student will learn:

  • What a friend is… how to recognize what friendship looks like
  • How to show friendship with your body, actions and words
  • How to build a friendship through sharing activities and interests
  • What to do when things go wrong so you can get your friendship back on track
  • How to recognize and deal with false friends

Though numbered for ease of reference, the Six-Minute Social skills books can be used in any order. Choose the one that matches your learner’s greatest current need and get started.

Grab this workbook, start with the first easy-to-use worksheet, and get your learner on the road to social success.

Five Habits of Lifehacks

by Chetan B Thakkar

To get success in your life you need peace, then only you can focused on your goal, some has money problem some has relationship problem, some has fear of failure some has negativity in their mind.
In this book I am not talking about how you will get success and positivity and all. Right here I am talking about how you will succeed in your journey of life no matter what you were doing, No matter what you will do. You will not escape with this problem in your personal and professional life.

HOW LIFE WAS AND IS AND SHOULD BE: A Digest of David N. Lewis’ Best Thoughts on Life as a Boy, a Teacher, and a Man

by David N. Lewis

â??How life was and is’ is always a subject of filtered memory. We seem to remember the worst and best of our past, but not the basic dark hardships that everyone faces in every generation. That ultimately leads many of us â??old codgers’ to refer to our past as the â??golden era.’ Obviously, every generation has its positives and negatives. We just do not remember things that way culturally. In this compilation, I attempt to focus on three general topics:
1-My Life and Some Lessons I have Learned
2-On Teaching: A Collection of My Writings
3-On Boyhood: A Collection of My Reflective Writings
â??How life should be’ is a matter of opinion and applied lessons learned; therefore, I address this aspect of my compilation at the end of my various narrative entries.
One of my main points of focus in this book is the degradation of our cultures value of male identity. To that end I address one small, but very important aspect of that degradation, i.e., decreased reading skills in all areas and genres for boys. This cultural phenomenon has led to the ever decreasing ‘reading for fun’ among our youth and especially our boys. This is causing a measurable deleterious effect. Males in large numbers are entering adulthood without knowing the fine art of manliness or possessing employable intellectual skills, e.g., writing well, reading instructions, and creative expressions which are hallmarks of a productive population.
To that end, I write and record stories that have a Christian worldview and attempt to appeal to the young men and boys struggling to grow an awesome imagination. My sincere desire is to provide quality narratives to invigorate creativity and mostly to encourage Reading for Fun. Visit my author page, link below, and see what adventures you find interesting: all are available in paper back and eBook (Kindle) formats.

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