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Order of The Rose: Forsaken Petal

by Joshua Hoyt

Book One in an exciting new trilogy that combines the worlds of both magic and technology to create an epic adventure that will spellbind readers of all ages!

Tom Alerio, a young boy, soon realizes that his unique ability to wield magic will change his life forever.

Sent away by his mother at a young age to protect him from the sisterhood who destroy all boys with the ability, Tom quickly finds those he can and can’t trust. Between the many adventures he has, Tom encounters both. These experiences, with the addition of a trusted mentor and a new found relationship with a young enchantress, teach Tom that magic must be shared by men and women alike.

Along the way Tom realizes that an ancient order called, Order of The Rose must return if he’s to save those he has come to rely on and who now rely upon him.

New technology and old magic rip the land apart while Tom fights to save all he has come to love and care for.

Praise for Order of The Rose: Forsaken Petal:

“There is action, drama, and you can’t help but wonder and care about the characters closest to Tom.” – Dee (Fantasy Writer)

” What fascinated me the most was the history of magic and those who use it.” – Christine Rains (Author of 13th floor series)

If you enjoyed books like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Dragonlance You’ll love this epic adventure

Eden (Secrets of Aurora Book 2)

by L.J. Higgins

The earthlings who were supposed to die during the events that ended Earth are very much alive… and they’re keeping Aurora prisoner.

Confronted by someone from her past who holds all the answers, Aurora and her band of rebels embark on a mission to the floating city of Eden. They must find each piece of the puzzle, before the truth can be exposed to those still living in the floating cities.

With the guards hot on her tail, Aurora will stop at nothing to acquire the missing information. But just when she believes all of her questions have been answered, a tragic accident reveals that there was at least one more truth to discover.

VENUS & URANUS Trilogy: Parasite Planet, The Lotus Eaters &The Planet of Doubt: Space Adventures of Hamilton Ham Hammond and Patricia Burlingame

by Stanley G. Weinbaum

“Stories from Venus & Uranus” is a series of stories written by Stanley G. Weinbaum featuring Hamilton Hammond and Patricia Burlingame.
Parasite Planet
The Lotus Eaters
The Planet of Doubt

Cybershot: An Empathic Detective Novel (The Empathic Detective Book 3)

by Jaxon Reed

An ancient organization has created a psychic with untold power. Raising the boy in secret, they hope to make him a world leader. But he escapes and heads for Texas to find his father, Gerald Bryce, the empathic detective. When someone tries to warn Bryce, a criminal mastermind uses the latest technology from neural immersive video games to kill the informant. Now Bryce and his partner must race the clock as a level three psychic terrorist battles the military for control of the city, and perhaps the world.

Invader Space (Bill Housley Short Fiction)

by Bill Housley

What do we expect of our heroes? What do we do with them when they’re finished serving us? This 600 word short SciFi story tallies the cost of a war on the souls of two generations of soldier.

About the author:

Author of the military SciFi and intrigue novel, “Into the Dark:Escape of the Nomad” and the Cultural SciFi short story “Another Man’s Terrorist” in “Satirica: An Anthology of Satirical Speculative Fiction”. Former computer trainer Bill Housley applies his skills at metaphor, humor, and culture examination to write thoughtful, fast moving, family friendly Science Fiction for the masses.

Twitter: @billhousley

A note from the author about “Invader Space”â?¦

I see the stars in the sky in three dimensions, and spent much of my childhood drawing and flying imaginary spaceships among them. As a child, I read “Hardy Boys” and Alfred Hitchcock’s “Three Investigator” mystery novels and gained a love for Military Science Fiction and Space Opera from watching StarTrek and Battlestar Galactica. As an adult, I enjoyed James Bond and all of the works of Tom Clancy, especially “The Hunt for Red October” and “Red Dawn”. These works heavily influence my Military SciFi writing style.

I started this story from the Cowboy Logic Publishing forum’s photo prompt contest. The picture was of a very old man in a faded, military green shirt. As I tried to think of what his story would be, I remembered that I’d wanted to write a story about Chara. I like using for technical materials on stars and planets and had become fascinated with one of Sol’s sister stars, Chara ( So I put this old soldier on a cold day on an Earth-like planet orbiting Chara and he just started talking!

I want you to know that up front that the story in this eBook is only 600 words long. If it bothers you to spend a dollar, or use up your monthly Amazon book lending, on such a short read, then I understand. I’d charge less for it if I could. Please check out the other books and eBooks on my Amazon site at and you’ll find longer reads there.

You can also check out my blog, where I write mostly about the progress of real space exploration.

The Worlds of If, The Ideal & The Point of View: Haskel Van Manderpootz & Dixon Wells Short Stories

by Stanley G. Weinbaum

These three stories deal with Dixon Wells, a perpetually late playboy who runs afoul of the inventions of his friend and former instructor in “Newer Physics”, Professor Haskel van Manderpootz, a supremely immodest genius who rates Einstein as his equal.
The Worlds of If
The Ideal
The Point of View

Daikaiju Yuki

by Raffael Coronelli

In its final hour, a shattered world has called on a new kind of monster.

On a mysterious mission to the temple of an ancient god, Yuki uncovers a high-stakes play for power that leads to her becoming the host of a gargantuan beast that once saved humanity from annihilation. With the help of her daikaiju companion, she must gather the rest of its pantheon from across the planet and travel to the other side of the world to stop a misguided ruler from unleashing a terrible weapon, while facing the quandaries of using the devastating force at her own fingertips.

DAIKAIJU YUKI is the first kaiju adventure novel in Raffael Coronelli’s cult favorite series, delivering obliterating action and endearing characters in a mythic, fantastical world of the distant future.

Skeletal: a tense dystopian thriller you won’t be able to put down

by Emma Pullar

Gale City is the last city in the world and under the strict control of the illusive Centrals.

When females reach adulthood, they’re given the chance to compete at Showcase for the honour of becoming surrogates for the Morbihan – a highly intelligent, obese race of people, unable to procreate naturally. All the other girls are excited to become hosts, all except Megan Skyla. 

Convinced there’s more to life, Skyla teams up with an unlikely friend and they go in search of a cure for the Morbihan condition. Things don’t go to plan and their journey becomes a harrowing quest fraught with danger and deceit.

How can Skyla discover the truth when everything she’s been told is a lie? Can anyone in Gale City ever really be free?

Skyla is about to discover that freedom has a price and she’s going to have to fight to survive.

The Black Flame: Dystopian Novel

by Stanley G. Weinbaum

“The Black Flame” starts several hundred years after most of mankind is wiped out by a plague and tells the story of a family of immortals who seek to conquer the world with advanced science. Its story concerns a brother and sister who have become immortal.

The Rescue of the Galactic Empress (Edited for All Readers): What’s It Gonna Be, Captain? 3 (What’s It Gonna Be, Captain?)

by N. Reed

“The Rescue of the Galactic Empress (Edited for content, PG-13 for all readers) The USS Constitution goes on a rescue voyage to find the USS Galactic Empress that has gone missing. It vanished in a puff of mysterious blue Nebula, one not shown on any map. There are clues to this vanishing act, and its up to the talented crew of the Constitution to sort them out. A visitor to the ship, one mysterious and very beautiful Lylith La Marchand, provides an intriguing twist. She has the second of the twin cubes, the Elysium cube and she intends to bring it together with its twin, the Lament Cube, which has gone missing and has just been found in a strange place. This will cause them to annihilate themselves forever. She intends to destroy them by forcing them together explosively in deep space. But during the night time, the lonely and preternatural Lylith, for she is a revenant, a long dead Vampyre, goes romping through the unsuspecting consciousnesses of two young crew members, and incites them to have some romantic fantasies in their sleep, perhaps enticing them to become friends or even lovers permanently. Lylith knows that this is her last chance of fun in this life. Because when she sets off the two cubes, she too will vanish when they are destroyed, and then the sickening secrets of the mysterious blue Nebula will be revealed.

Psych (The Harem at the End of the Galaxy Book 3)

by Kyle Kenze

Clayton is the first man to travel through time, only to find out he’s the last man left in the galaxy. Now he must assemble a team of beautiful women to help him fight back against an alien menace.

The harem is determined to persuade a frustrated female general to marshal Pentagon resources against the threat. Will the plan backfire when the general assumes she’s the subject of a black ops psych experiment? How can they make her understand this dreamlike experience is all too real?

This 11,000-word novella is intended for open-minded readers over age 18 who appreciate pulp science fiction, men’s harem adventure fiction, and plenty of nudity, swearing, and, swinging/sharing/polyamorous encounters. The future won’t be rated G.

To avoid spoilers, the complete novel-length series is best read in this order:
Vortex, Book #1
Classified, Book #2
Psych, Book #3
Glitch, Book #4
Explode, Book #5

A Zombie Novella – Before Safe Haven: Lucy

by Christopher Artinian

A virus has infected billions all over the world, turning its victims into vicious zombies. The UK and Ireland have remained uninfected…until now.

Lucy Blair is an American doctor stationed at a field hospital outside the quarantined city of Leeds. Each day she hears more rumours circulating about the virus spreading. Each day she plays her part in the vast mechanism that has been constructed by the British government to safeguard the population.

But today, the rumours stopped. Today, the rumours became reality. Now she is in a new kind of Hell as she fights her way through a dangerous city to find a last ray of hope and that one last chance for survival.

Queens (The Wielders of Arantha Book 2)

by Patrick Hodges

A cosmic game of chess is underway, and the planet Elystra is the board.

Earth pilot Maeve and her son Davin have joined the Ixtrayu, hoping to avert the destruction that their leader, Kelia, has foretold. But will Maeve’s burgeoning Wielding powers be enough to thwart the machinations of Elzor and his lightning-wielding sister, Elzaria, before everything the Ixtrayu have ever known is destroyed in Elzor’s quest for ultimate power?

Queens is Part Two in the Wielders of Arantha trilogy. If you love science fiction or fantasy, then this series will thrill and enthrall you!

Memories of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp: A new fairy tales

by Peggy Chill

Genie the giant came out and to take Great-Granddaughter Aladdin’s Kayla
back in time (to about 250 years ago) go to King Aladdin and Queen Jusma palace.

Memories of Aladdin and the magic lamp fairy tale tells about Great-Granddaughter
Aladdin’s Kayla, she lived in the Brown family’s Castle (US) with her parents.

One day, she found her Great-grandfather Aladdin’s (King Aladdin) old bag in
the secret room. She opened the bag and was amazed to find the magic lamp of
her Great-Grandfather. She rubbed and cleaned the lamp and Genie the giant
came out for served and was started to her adventures….

**** Read On Your PC, Mac, Smartphone, Tablet Or Kindle! ****
Story’s theme: Adventures, Fantasy, Brave, funny Excited and Friend’s love

A new fiction for reading
Genre: Fantasy , Fairy Tales
Written by: Peggy Chill and Writing Team

Author bio:
Peggy Chill, I am a startup indies writer who write about children’s book, short stories,
fiction books for kids. The stories are crafted masterfully for the readers,
have an enjoyable reading experience and remembrance passed between us.
It makes my life more valuable than ever.

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