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Red Light Therapy: The Laymanâ??s Guide to Self-Treatment with Red Light Therapy; Learn How to Use the Power of Light

by Jordan Gale

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Imagine going to the doctor and being told, that if you use a particular device, you will look and feel younger, heal faster, reduce or even remove pain and inflammation. All this and more with one tool you can use in the comfort of your own home – and it’s all scientifically proven.

What if he told you, that even NASA has been using it to speed up healing in space and some of the best devices cost as little as $100 – would you take it home and give it a go?

Believe it or not: it exists, and it is called red light therapy.

The power of the sunlight has been known for thousands of years, but it has its downsides. Overexposure to UV light can be very harmful to the human body causing sunburns, wrinkles and even cancer.

When using red light treatments, you are not exposed to UV light, making it a safe procedure.

Not long ago, a single treatment could cost over $100, and the machines require upwards of $5000. However, the technology has evolved, which is why you are now able to sit at home getting treatments for the same price as one treatment would set you back at the clinics.

In this book, Jordan Gale will guide you through the world of red light therapy and teach you how to:

  • Combat pain

  • Improve blood flow

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Lose weight

  • Fight the aging of your skin

  • Help heal wounds quicker

  • Aid against acne

  • Better brain health

  • Stop hair loss

  • Improve elasticity in the skin

  • Improve thyroid function

    This book will teach you what you need to get started harnessing the power of light.

    Buy your book today and let Jordan Gale guide you to better health.

    How To Avoid Kidney Problems

    by Jude Chisom

    Kidney problem is a sickness that someone should never have. Is bad and can lead to untimely death. That is why I have choose to look for a way it can be prevented and provides it here. This ebook will teach you what courses kidney problems and how it can be prevented. Read it and you will never have one, I promise you that. And in case you has one, it will steal help you to get the right treatment and treat it ones and for all. The solution is here. Order now to avoid it or to treat yourself. Your choice.

    Adiós peleas!: Cómo dejar de discutir con tu parejay tener una relación feliz (Spanish Edition)

    by Fátima García Iglesias

    Estás teniendo peleas con tu pareja varias veces la semana y parece que nunca dejáis de discutir?
    Discussiones y peleas pueden affectar la felicidad, el carino y la vida sexual de una pareja de manera tremenda. Por eso es importante que en vez de acceptar esta situación o incluso romper la situación, areglarlo lo más rápido possible para disfrutar de una relacíon feliz y estable.
    Este libro te va explicar no solo por cuál motivos tu y tu pareja discutís, pero también cómo solucionar vuestras peleas y dejarlo detrás.
    Si estás suffriendo de vuestras peleas y esperas volver a estar feliz con tu pareja, comprate este libro ahora y verás como se solucionan vuestras problemas más rápido de lo que tu te pensaste. Hay esperanza para cualquiera pareja y gracias a los consejos de este libro vais a apprender como mantener una relación feliz y duradera sin peleas constantes.

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