Free sports Kindle books for 02 Sep 18

Optimization for Athletes: Performance Nutrition and Sport Nutrition

by Gregory Breheim

Optimization for Athletes is written by an athlete, for an athlete, parent, or coach looking to take their knowledge or athleticism to the next level. In this edition, you will learn about the 3 main macro nutrients (protein, carbs, and fats), what intensities of exercise benefit from what you are eating, and different body types that correspond with the diet. This book contains information that is not usually told to athletes in a simple, compact way.
Athletes spend top dollar on new speed suits, supplements, and personal training but they rarely invest in learning about their main driver of performance; food.
Content includes:
– High Carbohydrate vs Low Carbohydrate benefits and drawbacks
– How your heart rate and physical exertion relates to your macronutrient intake
– How to eat to work with your body rather than against it
– The best foods to eat for athletes that want nothing but the best performance
– Why the timing you eat different foods matters

Prepperâ??s Guide: Beginnerâ??s Lessons To Start Prepping

by Ginger Green

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Prepper’s Guide: Beginner’s Lessons To Start Prepping

This guide is about getting ready to face disaster head on, without panic or despair. It begins from the time everything is calm, times when people are leading a normal life. It teaches you how to be alive to the reality that although things may be rosy today, you cannot predict what might befall the same place later. The tips in the book, beginning with the elementary of prepping, provide guidance on the actual steps to take, so that if disaster were to strike you and your family would survive it without too much stress.

Even if you have never faced disaster and have no idea what you need to do in such dire circumstances, this guide will put you at ease with its well delivered information, as well as the progressive steps it provides. You will learn what to buy when, what to pack and for what purpose, and even where to hide when you are in that volatile situation of disaster.

In this book you will learn:

  • Information you need to gather in normal days
  • Prepping items to buy in calm times
  • The advantages of buying your prepping items early enough
  • Items to pack in your emergency kit
  • Things to consider when prepping for specified disasters
  • Actions that make your prepping successful
  • Prepping issues that you need to discuss as a family
  • Advisable prepping if you have a child in school
  • Safest spots to hide during specific disasters
  • Things you should avoid during specified disasters

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El método de splits: Flexibilidad y estiramiento: ejercicios seguros para aprender fácilmente cómo lograr el split (spagat) sin dolor (Libro en Español … Stretching Spanish Book) (Spanish Edition)

by Freddie Masterson

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Finalmente, descubra cómo hacer el split sin dolor y sin gastar dinero en entrenadores, máquinas de estiramiento de piernas o incluso otros equipamientos. En esta guía, aprenderá ejercicios de rutina simples que puede practicar diariamente para estirar sus fibras musculares para realizar el split perfecto y completo.

Después de realizar las rutinas varias veces, comenzará a notar inmediatamente una mejora en su flexibilidad y equilibrio. ¡Estas técnicas son utilizadas por artistas marciales como Kick Boxers, luchadores de Karate y Taekwondo, gimnastas, bailarines, y mucho más! Incluso las personas que practican yoga también pueden beneficiarse de estas rutinas de estiramiento muscular para lograr los splits perfectos.

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Camping Collection: Setting Up A Tent, Staying Safety, Outdoor Cooking, Travelling With Kids: (Camping Guide, Camping Recipes)

by Adrienne Thorn

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Camping Collection

Setting Up A Tent, Staying Safety, Outdoor Cooking, Travelling With Kids

Though this modern world is full of technology like humanity has never seen before, there is something that is so mystifying about the call of the wild. The idea of being able to get up and go – to be able to disappear from the world – is something that draws so many people to the wilderness.

Some call it wanderlust, others call it sightseeing, still others just like to get off the grid and do their own thing for a while. Whatever you call it, you know you want to pack up and go, and you want to be able to keep going no matter what.

If this sounds like you, then you need to invest in a rooftop tent, and you need to hit the trail. What is a rooftop tent, you ask?

That’s where this book comes in. In it, you are going to learn all about rooftop tents, how to use them, and what you need to do to hit the trail in style. This book is going to change the way you view travel, and it is going to unlock the world before you.

You are going to learn how to be safe, how to cook, how to forage, and how to camp with nothing more than a small tent and your car. If you feel the wanderlust, you know you have to obey it, and this book is going to hand you the key.

Whether this is your first time in the woods or you are looking to shake up your game, you have come to the right place to give camping a spin like you have never seen before.

In this book you will:

  • Learn how to rooftop camp in town and in the country
  • Learn how to prepare for your trip
  • Learn what to forage if you were to run into an emergency situation while out on the road
  • And much, much more!

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Ham Radio Beginner’s Guide: What Is Ham Radio, How To Set Up It And Get Your Radio License

by Sam Butts

Ham Radio Beginner’s Guide:

What Is Ham Radio, How To Set Up It And Get Your Radio License

The field of science and technology has amalgamated in a way which denotes progress and ease for the human race. This combination has also served the area of communication and transmission, where we see hundreds of radio stations and TV channels serving the need for communication. It looks miraculous to listen to someone sitting miles away or seeing someone sitting miles apart but appearing on our screens.

In this book, the focus is to target those people who have an interest related to setting up a radio station of their own. For a common man it may look quite impossible to maintain a system of waves just like their radio or television screen but digging deeper into the field you will notice that it is not impossible even at the individual level, to set up a radio set up on your own. So attention has been diverted towards the basic knowledge which will be helpful for the beginners.

The helpful discussions which are penned in this book will relate to the following major issues, which are all intended for the presentation of underlying the basic foundational principles of Ham radio.

  • The introductory facts for mentioning the introductory part of Ham radio, its existence and presence both at the commercial and the personal level.
  • An account of some basic concepts related to Ham radio waves propagation and wave features.
  • An account of some advanced concepts related to electric current and magnetic field related to Ham radio set up.
  • The suggestions for setting up the Ham radio with particular reference to the selection of a right antenna.

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A story that I finally finished a 100 km marathon that suddenly became unable to walk: Enjoying with passion and continuing without giving up can make everyone a dream (Japanese Edition)

by Miwa Fujita

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A wonderful lady’s motivation book that overcomes injuries and keeps running life still dashing now! !
A book like energy to fire your fighting spirit! !

Tang Soo Do Book of Hyungs Volume III: From 5th Dan to 10th Dan Black Belt Hyungs

by Len Losik Ph.D

Tang Soo Do Book of Hyungs Volume III includes step-by-step written instructions and drawings for learning the advanced Hyungs; Ginto, Jitte, Wang Shu, Kang Sang Koon So, Kang Sang Koon Dai, Oh Sip Sa Bo, Tae Kweuk Kwan Dai and SoJin classical Hyungs and hard to find So Rim Jang Kwan Hyung that were integrated into Moo Duk Kwan Tang Soo Do many decades ago from Grandmaster’s Chuan Fa style. Also included is a history of Tang Soo Do, the relationship between the Korean Hyungs and it’s anaimal symbol, the importance of the Hyungs to Tang Soo Do and the early Korean Kwans that taught Tang Soo Do and a discussion about the minor and major Korean Kwan leaders. A table of all the early Korean Kwans and unique details of the Kwans creator and styles taught bring readers a great insight into the Korean people and their love for Tang Soo Do. Volume III has almost 340 drawings for the reader to understand each step of each Hyung. Each new drawing is numbered and matches with a numbered written instruction provided. Line drawings are included matching Hyung’s movements and directions of motion for each of step of the Hyung. Also included is a high level perspective drawing of the area a practitioner moves through and executes the Hyung. These diagrams allows the practitioner to see the Hyungs in several perspectives to better understand what the creator had intended. Volume III is to be used only as a memory aid to supplement the formal instructions from a qualified Black Belt Tang Soo Do Instructor. These memory aids are needed by all when away from the dojang or seniors forget the movements, and are not intended for students to learn these Hyungs without an Instructor’s directions.

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