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ARC OF A SHOOTING STAR (The Shooting Star Series Book 1)

by Simon Northouse

A wickedly funny and irreverent read full of passion and emotion. It will be enjoyed by readers of Nick Hornby, Ben Elton, Tim Winton, Nick Spalding and the like â?¦

Will Harding is a man full of self-doubt and recurring introspection. A decade of selfâ??imposed exile has sapped his confidence. So different from the glory days when he led his musical juggernaut, “The Shooting Tsars” to the top of the charts and sellâ??out tours across the world.

An unexpected slap in the face from Mother Nature, maybeâ??just maybe â?¦ offers him another chance. The choice is clearâ??a slow decay into lonesome apathy â?¦ or â?¦ grab life by the balls once again!

A gripping tale of one man’s battle against physical obstacles and his own mental barriers.

“… a dramatic novel bristling with wit, grit and energy!”

“This isn’t a book about a rock ‘n’ roll bandâ??this is a story about life!”

Book 1 in the Shooting Star trilogy

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