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Music & Money: A Success Guide for Female Music Creators, Recording Artists, Songwriters and Musicians: How to Start a Music Career & Succeed in Music Business – Make Money From Your Music Now!

by Danelle Harvey

Want to make money from your music NOW?

Discover how and be empowered. Most musicians and artists don’t realize there is money already out there (with their name on it), so they lose out and never see it. Or they miss out on making money from their own work because they, or their representative, don’t know how to ensure income, or their representative never tells them about it!   
Not only that, they are confused about how to build their career AND make money, or think that they cannot possibly do both. They believe they have to hustle themselves into the ground for some time before they can make any money at all, if they’re lucky.   
Is this you?    
Well, female musicpreneur (hope you don’t mind me calling you that).  
Don’t believe the hype!    
In this guide to setting up and owning your career and making money from your music, you’ll learn exactly what to do to succeed and keep succeeding.    
Do you dream of having an indie-pendent recording & touring career, or even digital career, playing your own songs (perhaps even others’, as you just want to make money playing music), but don’t know the next steps to take?   
You want to make income from your music, yes?    
You want to be a full-time or semi-professional musician but aren’t entirely clear on how to without compromising your creative time, yes?  
Well fab! â??Cause this book is EXACTLY what you need! You’re in good hands.   
Here’s how this book can help you:   
This book highlights TEN mistakes indies make that hinder their success, then shows how to correct such actions – or helps you avoid making them – and get amazing results.    
This book will help you:    
Manage your life and music biz well and reduce overwhelm    
Get organized to crush it & see real results   
Set up a foundation to build a career and make money from your music�   
Learn essential music biz basics: how to set up your business on both non-existent and minimal budgets.    
Do music business aspects efficiently & properly to get paid – really paid. I reveal secrets and even things music industry experts don’t know or talk about to show you how!  
Streamline and automate your promotional activities�   
Develop a game plan and business plan to take your music to the next level   
Design and develop a strategy/strategies that suit your needs and desired lifestyle and goals�   
Set tasks that you can immediately implement�   
Sort out your mind-set   
Set up and manage different revenue streams�   
This means:�   
No more guesswork�   
You will know how to deal with procrastination�   
You can be productive even with limited time�   
You will get your time back, freely make music, make money from your music and live (not just exist)!�   
You will know how to be the boss of your YOU-niverse (effortlessly!)�   
You will come away energized with ideas galore from someone who knows & lives this stuff!�   
And so. much. more.   

So, if you:  
Feel a little lost�   
Want to gain MUSIC BIZ knowledge�   
Need extra help to launch a career in music�   
Need clarification on how to streamline your activities�   
Think it’s difficult to build a career and make money launching music IN A SATURATED marketâ?¨Â Â Â 
Need a game-plan for taking your music to the next level�   
Want something you can immediately implement�   
No longer want to guess at what to do�   
Want to have time to freely MAKE music AND make money�   
Want to learn how to have an endless stream of opportunities come to you   
Are tired of the non-stop hustle   
Read this book and you’ll be in control and in boss mode making money from your music and on your way to build a successful and overwhelm free music career in no time!  
Ready to rock? 
Scroll up and click the add to cart button now to get your copy!  


by G Shrinithyaa

This book is a motivation to all those who aspire to discover and unleash their inner potential and make a change for better. There are several scenic photos with inspiring quotes to focus on goals, discover your talents and achieve all that you wish for.
The photos were taken during my travel across the east and the west of the world, for various projects that I worked for in the technology and financial domains. When you feel tired everyday and want to look for little lines that can inspire to bring the best in yourself, read on this photo book “Discovery” . This is a perfect gift to students and youth who are looking forward to step in their chosen field of career and want to get inspired to simply do the best.

Selflessness – Learn from flowers
When I think of selflessness,
my mind gets to thinking of a flower!
Flowers are natural expressions
of love, divinity, and humility!
I look at the beautiful lotus
Learning how to be detached
I look at the lovely jasmine
Learning to spread fragrance
I look at the adorable rose
Learning to express love
I look at the unique hibiscus
Learning to stretch beyond limits
I look at the bright sunflower
Learning to turn toward light
I look at the fresh lily
Learning to be pure in everything!
The list can go onâ?¦
Flowers are expressions
of the love of the divine!
Stay selfless and never say mine!

Male Feet Album – Second Part

by Sven Wintner

If you need and love sexy feet, there is for you the second part of “Male Feet Album” from Sven Wintner. This album contains more than 90 sexy feet pictures for you. Have a lot of fun. Don’t forget to take the first edition of the album:

Active fault Daigo Matsuki Art File: Touch the source of life (Japanese Edition)

by Daigo Matsuki


Helpless: Photos from

by Sandra Gibbons

If you’re into crossdressing and bondage fantasies, Sandra Gibbons at her website Trannies In Trouble has been tying up, gagging, and photographing hapless (or lucky!) CDs and Trans Girls since 2003, and she’s also been known to do a little modeling herself. This Kindle version of her recent photo book offers 50 sexy and glamorous photos in the damsel in distress style that Sandra’s most well-known for. It’s all sexy consensual fun, but there is that little rush of excitement when that first knot is tightened down around your wrists and that feeling of “No turning back” takes over. This is just a small selection from the thousands of photos that Sandra’s taken over the years and posted over on her website. So if you’ve ever dreamed of being a damsel in distress, well, who knows? It could happen to you too.

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