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The Disappearance of Jamie Fraley: A Collection of True Crime

by Pete Powers

A True Crime anthology of missing women… When a person goes missing, the first twelve to twenty-four hours are the most crucial time. If the person is to be found alive, then it is during that first day when the best chance of a happy outcome exists.
More data exists on the make-up of missing people than of ways to trace them. Forty per cent of those in the US are children, and a third of the total are African American citizens. That is a heavy over representation. Only one in under eight people in the US are from this ethnic group.
Jamie Fraley is neither a member of the African American community nor a child, although at the time she went missing, the diminutive 22-year-old blond could have passed for one. Sadly, when she disappeared, she also did not turn up on the first day – nor the first year. In fact, 2018 marks a decade since the young woman was lost.

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