Free business and investing Kindle books for 03 Sep 18

Bitcoin: The Second Life of Bitcoin. How Bitcoin and Blockchain are Changing the Economic World

by Dan Wilson

Have you ever wondered what this â??Bitcoin’ craze is all about? What is a cryptocurrency, really? Is it something that you should be interested in or know anything about, or is it another fad that will be gone in a few years? In this book, you will have all these questions – and more – answered. Are you ready to be able to talk about cryptocurrency like you really understand it? You’re in the right place. Learn more about how Bitcoin is changing the future and the world of money altogether so that you can make an educated decision about your own investments.


In this book, we will explore

  • the mysterious origins of Bitcoin and its creator
  • the massive benefits that one can gain from using a cryptocurrency
  • the ways that Bitcoin works to ensure security and privacy in a digital age
  • how Bitcoin will truly become the currency of the future


Did you know that a U.S. Senator has invested in Bitcoin? Or that a failing country came to rely on Bitcoin to get essential items from all over the world? This book not only helps you to make educated choices about your financial future, but it also helps to give you some historical context for cryptocurrencies and to understand the reasons why the time was ripe for the emergence of Bitcoin.


In addition, we will provide a brief review of cryptocurrencies that are competing with Bitcoin, an easy to understand explanation of the technologies behind Bitcoin, and a nuanced look at the factors that helped make the rise of Bitcoin possible. We will look to the future and offer predictions of where Bitcoin will be in the future (hint: it’s not slowing down any time soon!). 



Diary of an Everyday Millionaire: My Secrets to Building a Real Estate Empire

by Kevin McNeely

Kevin McNeely has done it again! In his latest book he outlines easy to understand tips to help beginning real estate investors on their quest to become tycoons.
In this guide, he discusses the benefits of real estate investing, where to find properties, making offers and funding purchases.
He outlines the pros and cons of buy and hold vs. flipping and he culminates this book by sharing his own secrets to building his growing portfolio of real estate holdings.
The U.S. real estate industry alone is estimated at over $100 billion, this is the guide you need to start your quest to claim your share!

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