Free horror Kindle books for 03 Sep 18


by Anthony Castellino

Kevin awakens to night without end. It’s already noon and the sun has yet to rise… anywhere. But a world of never ceasing darkness is not the worst of it, not when there are creatures out there that look like men, but make the night their time.
Creatures that make meals of blood.

The Bone Spirit

by Chris Snider

James Conrad is a best-selling writer of three novels, but during the writing of the third, his life took a downward spiral. He began drinking and his wife, Casey, left him. Now, in trying to write his fourth novel, he has total writer’s block. Lately, he’s been seeing a man who is all bones… a skeleton man.

One night, the whispering voice almost convinces him to kill himself. After he calls Casey in a terrified state, she joins him on a terrifying journey to discover two things: who or what is this skeleton man and, more importantly, can they stop him.

The Quintessential Unity (A Feather Flies Book 1)

by Week Three Productions

This book is structured as hybrid screen draft in order to deliver a story clearly and expeditiously. Pictures are used to preclude fatiguing descriptions of place. The structure is intended to quickly convey to the busy reader the image of and path to a mysterious & exciting world — one in which true love exists along with courage, honor, and a God who cares.

Scientists discover a powerful new form of energy and call it Quintessential-energy (Q-energy). They also discover how to, at no cost, scan and make perfect copies of things — cars, houses, food, medicine, gold, people, anything at all! They can end all human suffering! They observe the behavior of Q-energy and learn from it. Q-energy supports all things good and does not exist for anything that is evil. They overcome the communication barrier between the physical and spiritual worlds which allows them to understand much about the spirit world and to uncover the design and intent of creation itself. Eventually, they are drawn into the epic and ongoing battle of good against evil.

Embedded within the main story is another that is just as extraordinary: a meeting of “perfect others”. For each of us, there is a perfect other — an old and very wise soul that embodies every attribute we consider to be good and attractive. Its mission is to assure that each of us experiences true, unconditional, unending, unchanging, perfect love. The very nature of our perfect other compels it to seek us throughout the infinity of time and space with a longing so intense that it surmounts all obstacles. The influence of our perfect other can be felt. It washes over us like wave. Within its field of influence, we are instantly changed for the better.

Born of a Bastard The Tales of Gretchen’s Justice: Knock, knock. You scared?

by Scott Mosni

Gretchen, older than America and denied Heaven, grants justice to those who despair.
But all who seek balance must pay the price.
There is no justice without sacrifice.

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