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A Breach of Faith: A Chaplain’s Journey in Prison

by Michael Smith

Prison is a fact of life for millions in the United States. The US has the highest percentage of people incarcerated in the world today. The time in the system only begins at the arrest; it continues through incarceration and follows the person long after release. Prison impacts not only the convict, it also effects their family, friends, and co-workers.

A Breach of Faith is split into two parts. The first part is a memoir of a man who became an Army Chaplain. Beginning with his time as a civilian priest, it continues through his accession into the military and nearly fifteen-year career. Most of these years were joyful. He deployed, saw combat and found a family in the armed services. There were also significant traumas, and he eventually became an alcoholic to manage the traumas of military life. He fell, was accused, tried and convicted by the military justice system.

The book shares the friendships and obstacles that he and his fellow soldiers found in military prisons. There are both challenges and opportunities in those dehumanizing places. The soldiers in prison often struggle with addiction, fear, suicide, sex and LGBTQ related issues. They also find honor, hope, redemption, humor, friendship, and meaning in life’s dimly lit corners.

A Breach of Faith concludes in part two, which contains realistic information on what someone released from prison can expect. It offers informed ideas and spiritual advice to help ex-cons and families go through this dehumanizing and traumatic experience. Prison is brutal, but people can come out of it in better shape – no matter the situations in which they find themselves!

Ark of Empire: The American Frontier: 1784-1803 (The Frontier People of America)

by Dale Van Every

A vigorous account of the pivotal post-Revolutionary era of the American Frontier, where the young nation struggled to forge an empire from the wilderness…

Noted historian Dale Van Every continues his monumental history of the American Frontier in this crucial study, describing the perilous crises that threatened the young republic during the period when she struggled to remain one nation instead of becoming many.

In this third volume of his major work, The Frontier People of America, the renowned historian tells how the Indians, allied with the British and Spanish, nearly won the battle for the West; how economic and military instability left the new frontiers dangerously unprotected, and finally, how the vision of leaders such as Washington, Jefferson, and Adams helped forge the government that was to unite a territory as large as Western Europe…

Praise for Dale Van Every:

“[Van Every] catches the spirit of the frontiersman as few writers have done” – Virginia Quarterly Review

Born in 1896, American author Dale Van Every turned out a number of volumes on American history, including a biography of Charles Lindbergh. Van Every was also a busy playwright in the 1920s; his Broadway offering Telling the World was filmed in 1929, whereupon the writer set up shop in Hollywood. His screenplays include the literary adaptations Trader Horn (1931) and Murders in the Rue Morgue (1932). In 1937, he shared an Oscar nomination for the film version of Kipling’s Captains Courageous. In 1940, Dale Van Every produced the Paramount actioner Rangers of Fortunes, then returned to screenwriting, remaining in this field until 1957.

Casanova Blueprint: How to Effortlessly Attract Beautiful Women Like a Natural in 30 days

by Mark London


What if someone was to tell you that Casanova got it right because he knew how to read women and how to behave in their company? Would it really be as simple as that? Well, the truth of the matter is that it isn’t as simple as that. I have seen so many men make an absolute fool of themselves while trying to get a date. That was the main reason for producing this book so that you don’t make the same mistakes and learn how to:

  • Turn chit chat into meaningful conversation
  • How to get her attention in the first place
  • How to make meaningless conversations into meaningful ones
  • Using your body language to attract women toward you
  • Take the 30 day challenge and win!

The recipe is here within the pages of this book. All you need to do is read it, and you will be chatting up the woman of your dreams and actually listening to what she has to say. If you want it to be positive and don’t want to make a mess of the initial conversation with her, then this book will guide you. Don’t be an idiot when it comes to knowing the right time to say or do something. Know instinctively how Casanova would have dealt with your situation and feel your confidence grow stronger with every experience you have with the opposite sex. That’s what this book promises you.

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THE WEIGHT WATCHERS: Weight Watcher Works Wonders



Weight Watcher Works Wonders

Fоr оvеr 40 Ñ?еаrÑ?, Wеight Watchers hаvе bееn оnе оfthе leaders in helping Ñ?еоÑ?lеtоеffесtivеlÑ? lose weight and livеamоrе hеаlthÑ? аnd active lifе. And fоr good rеаÑ?оn – thе program works! It’Ñ? a tried аnd truе mеthоdfоr fast and easy wеight loss. ThеWеightWаtсhеrÑ?Ñ?rоgrаm helps you сrеаtеanеw set оf habits аrоund how you еаtаnd exercise that virtuаllÑ? guarantee thаt you will lose wеight Ñ?оu nееd tо and, best оfаll, еnjоÑ? thiÑ? сhаngе process!







MEAL PREP: 50 Easy to Make Keto Recipes for your Keto Lifestyle.




Do you want to find out how to prepare easy and sumptuous ketogenic clients? Or you are like some that want to just begin a keto lifestyle? Well, search no further. This book is the perfect book for you. This book contains easy to follow steps to use to prepare keto meals. These meals are highly nutritious and they will show you how you can live the keto life without missing your former lifestyle and diets. The aim of this book is to give you easy ways to prepare keto meals, the kitchen equipment to use as well as tips to help you easily stay in ketosis. With fifty beautifully prepared and mouth-watering diets, you cannot be at a loss with what to prepare. All you have to do is to open your Meal Prep book and you would have lots of awesome meals to prepare. Welcome to an indeed amazing read.

Intermittent Fasting: The #1 Intermittent Fasting Guide For Beginners. Lessons Included – Intermittent Fasting And Keto Diet, Intermittent Fasting For Women, Fasting For Weight Loss, And More!

by Laura Wilson

The #1 Guide to Intermittent Fasting For Beginners!

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Wouldn’t you rather

  • Change WHEN you eat instead of WHAT you eat.
  • Count kilograms lost instead of calories consumed.
  • Enjoy your favorite food while losing weight.
  • Melt away belly fat instantly and with half the effortrequired by most diet plans.

Get ready to change everything you thought you knew about weight loss. In this must-read guide, diet planning expert Dr. Laura Wilson teaches all you need to know about intermittent fasting for real weight loss results.

Wouldn’t I essentially be starving myself?

Picture a car at the gas station, with the nozzle steadily pumping gas into its tank non-stop. Eventually, there will be an overflow which won’t do your wallet any good. Your body is a lot similar to that car, in the sense that if you continuously pump it with junk food all day long, there’s going to be an overflow in the form of excess weight.

The Solution?

An incredibly amazing technique called Intermittent Fasting(IF), which serves as a capping limiter for all that food, and keeps you at an optimal weight and healthy as well; in conjunction with minimal levels of exercise.

This book will show you:

  • The Various Types of Fasting (Intermittent, Alternate-day, and Extended fasting).
  • The Incredible Benefits Of Intermittent Fasting.
  • The Possible Bottlenecks That WILL Sabotage Your Results, If it is Done Incorrectly!

If you want to be healthy, fit and hit your goal weight now, simply take a step forward by Ordering this book today, and you can start shedding unwanted fat in as little as 30 days!

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