Free religious fiction Kindle books for 03 Sep 18

Hidden Blessings

by Katrina Harrington

The first book in the Hidden Blessings Series, set in Victorian era, about finding love and God in the most unlikely of places.
In Hidden Blessings, three sisters set out on separate journeys…

Jo sets out for Texas, expecting to make a life for herself as a teacher and nothing more. In walks Rob, a farmer and widower who catches Jo completely off guard. The usually composed school teacher has never encountered a man who disarmed all of her defenses. Can Jo keep her defenses in check where Rob is concerned? And does she even want to?

Celia leaves home to be a mail order bride to a blacksmith, John. He is a widower and a father with a young daughter whose hostile welcome has Celia wondering if she made the biggest mistake of her life. Can she reconcile with John’s daughter and salvage their relationship? Or was becoming his wife the longest shot of all?

Allie heads west to be married, despite her tendency to land herself in a heap of trouble. She quickly discovers that her husband to be, Levi, has little patience for her impulsiveness. And as she lands herself in one situation after another, Allie can’t help wondering if Levi will ever want her, or if her mischievous nature has finally created a problem she can’t talk her way out of.

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