Free fantasy Kindle books for 04 Sep 18

Star Cat: Training Day: A Space Opera Fantasy

by Andrew Mackay

There’s no space for the untrained.

Jelly Anderson beat tens of thousands to become the first cat in space. Before she blasts off to Saturn with the crew of Space Opera Beta, we think she may need a little training.

How do you prepare a cat for the trash can that is outer space?

You put her through USARIC’s rigorous training program. That’s how.

A violent stealth mission, a suffocating spacewalk, and one death-defying space simulator should seal the deal. All she has to do is pass each one with flying colors.

Sounds easy enough, right? Yeah. That’s what her crew thought, tooâ?¦

Star Cat: Training Day is the purrfect starting point for newcomers, and a special treat for fans of the series.

Suit up, buckle up, scroll back up and hit the buy now button. A blast of pure sci-fi adrenaline awaits you…

The STAR CAT series:
Star Cat: Infinity Claws
Star Cat 2: Pink Symphony
Star Cat 3: War Mage
Star Cat 4: Killer Instinct – Coming Soon (September, 2018)
Star Cat: The First Trilogy (Infinity Claws / Pink Symphony / War Mage) ($9.99)

The Butcher of Greystone

by Xavier Lastra

Martin Goddard, mass murderer, reviled and known by the people as The Butcher of Greystone, writes his confession in the final hours of his life. From the demon-infested jungles of the north to the massacre that gave him his moniker, he writes down his life so future historians will understand his evils deeds and the truth finally be known. But does he know what truly happened in Greystone, what he really did?

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