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Twisted Passion: Bad Boy Romantic Suspense

by Kayley Cole


Directing movies and music videos is my passion. But passion can be full of twists and turns. My bad boy reputation in LA has gotten me far as a director, but personally, it’s been a challenge.

Ellie moved out to LA from Colorado last year to be with me and pursue her singing career. It’s all working out.

But now I’ve discovered a secret that could destroy Ellie and threaten our relationship. I’m determined to make things workâ?¦ and make things right.


Making music is my passion. My life in LA has become twisted with problems, but I’m determined to make a success of it.

After my boyfriend Jake directed my first music video, I’m now lauded as a “genuine rags-to-riches” singer. My songs are all climbing the charts.

But now the radio interview I just did is threatening to destroy everything, including my “secret” relationship with Jake.

Will the price of fame destroy Jake and Ellie, or will the secret Jake discovers destroy Ellie’s family instead?

(This book is a standalone and is the second story in the Twisted book series. If desired, the first book, Twisted Hope, can be read for more background information on the characters.)

Fortnite: Battle Royale Complete: 2 BOOK SET – An Updated Secret Guide to the Newest Tips, Tricks and Strategies TOGETHER with our Ultimate Book on Building

by Secret Gamer Guides

You want to know how to really win at Fortnite?  Keep reading…

  Our company is called Secret Gamer Guides and we are here to help you master all of the strategies needed in order to absolutely dominate at Battle Royale.  The cool part is that you’re not just getting the valuable information from our crew alone – we actually interview other top-level gamers from all over and compile their answers into easily read and super thorough guides. All of the info is current and up to date.   Our reach is endless and we spend countless hours talking to everyone from known pros to high school students (who actually have a very tight knit community of their own when it comes to Fortnite: Battle Royale).  Now, their secrets are your secretsâ?¦

  This guide is actually TWO books in ONE�

  Included you will get –

1. Our first book – â??A Fully Updated Secret Guide to the Newest Tips, Tricks and Strategies Only the Pros are Using’

-This book not only shows you how to reach a Victory Royale if you’re just starting out, but also how to get there more efficientlyeven if you already have some wins under your belt.  No matter what your Final Kill number is, you will see a significant improvement in your game after reading this guide.  It is an A-Z detailed overview of everything you’ll need to know in order to win at Fortnite: Battle Royale. 

  Here’s a quick look at just some of the topics covered:

– Base building 
– Avoiding Storms
– Gathering
– Landing (best spots and why)
– Building traps
– Best places to loot
– Complete weapons guide and theory
– High ground strategies
– Team play tips
– Isolation tips
– Cloud strategies
– Robbing corpses
– Mistakes to avoid!!

… and a lot more.

2. Our second book – â??Building- An in Depth Look at the Most Important Skill Needed to Dominate Like a Top Player’

-This is a book focused purely on building.  That’s right – a guide dedicated to just this one aspect of the game!  WHY you ask?  Because without a real understanding of this skillset, your chances of being the last one standing aren’t as good as they could be.  Of course, you could play and play and play – eventually learning how to build somewhat correctly – but we’re guessing you might want to save yourself some time and sanity!  Well, here you goâ?¦.

Also, in this book you’ll learn WHY your building a certain way and how these strategies will set you up for an amazing offense!

  Here are some of the topics covered in this book:

– Panic wall and ramps
– Editing buildings
– Creating cover on the move
– The funnel
– Door importance
– Build to loot
– Healing bases
– Why wider?
– Optimize settings
– Treasure hunting
– Tree builds
….and so much more.

  We are pretty serious about all of this but obviously at the end of the day, the main idea here is to have fun.   We’ll guess what?  WINNING is fun!!  That’s why we make these guides â?¦. and what better way to learn and improve your FBR game than by getting ACTUAL tips from REAL gamers?! 

  Oh- did we mention that there are links to our own original beats that you can listen to while you play?  That’s right – every book has a differen

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