Free parenting and families Kindle books for 04 Sep 18

Ohne Diät Abnehmen?: Geht das? (German Edition)

by Collen Stam

Ohne Diät Abnehmen? Geht das?

Kennst Du das auch?
Du fühlst dich nicht wohl in deiner Haut und möchtest gerne etwas verändern?
Du hast schon einige Diäten ausprobiert und nichts hat so wirklich geklappt?
Dir wurde immer viel versprochen, doch dein Gewicht kam immer wieder zurück?
Oder fällt es dir schwer auf deine Lieblingsspeisen zu verzichten?
Musst du überhaupt verzichten?

Diesen Fragen gehen wir heute auf den Grund.

Hier erfährst du�.

  • Was eine Diät überhaupt ist
  • Wie du deinen inneren Schweinehund besiegst
  • Warum es dir bis jetzt so schwer gefallen ist
  • Ã?bungen um deine Gewohnheiten zu ändern
  • Was das Unterbewusstsein damit zu tun hat
  • Und vieles mehr!

Erfahre heute noch wie du dir selbst helfen kannst!

52 Weeks Of Getting To Know You

by Valerie Miller

I have designed this book to last 1 full calendar year as there are 52 questions and there are 52 weeks in a year. You can start it at any time; it does not have to be the first week in January. Each week will consist of 1 question to be asked during your meeting time as well as 1 activity for you both to complete at some point during the week for each other. You can choose to skip the activity if you want, but I highly encourage you both to partake in them as this is all part of getting to know each other better! If you are not able to do the weeks activity then feel free to come up with your own activity that you can do instead. I have included examples of answers for the first few weeks. This is to get you in the mindset of how you should be trying to answer the questions with depth instead of one word answers. After the first few weeks I have included extra thoughts behind the questions. Read and answer the questions first before you move forward with the bonus material and activities.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: A story of love & survival through NICU

by Natasha Sinclair

A starkly emotional account from a NICU Mother on her daughters fight for life and often turbulent journey through NICU after being born suddenly at just 25 weeks into pregnancy.
Giving a uniquely raw insight into life as a parent in the NICU, Natasha takes you on an intimate journey through her first experience. This story of love and survival through NICU offers support for families and their supporters as they find their own way through their premature journeys as well as being a must read for a glimpse into this highly medicalised world through a parents eyes.

“Poignant and humbling to read” Wesley,

“Beautiful, raw emotion, the fear and joy of mothering a premature baby. A true “rollercoaster” ride. Keeps the reader on the edge, willing this baby every breath and heartbeat till the end.” Fiona,

“I found tis book very cathartic to readâ?¦It is an honest, wonderful read about surviving the most traumatic start to your child’s life, and also shows how amazing the NICU team isâ?¦” Carol,

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