Free reference Kindle books for 04 Sep 18

Start Sooner Mastery Journal: 90 days to better thoughts

by Claudia Vidal

Are you ready to improve your thinking pattern in the next 90 days?  Identify and refine your thinking process so to create the time, space and energy needed to feel and think better. This short workbook will guide you through a 4 part step process which will increase your “awareness” and clarify your life vision. 

First Lessons in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

by Isabella DeCarlo

This ebook will serve as a comprehensive introduction to the study of Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs. It includes the First Lesson/Chapter of all 5 ebooks published in the Learn Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Series. In addition included is the first section of the Hieroglyphic Dictionary 3000 which includes the entire Gardiner Category A – Man and his occupations grouping. As an added bonus the first lesson for the classic Ancient Egyptian Papyrus “The Tale of the Shipwrecked Sailor Study Guide” is included along with examples of the Grammar used in the story.

Practical Arduino Projects: Projects You Can Actually Use Around Your Home

by Michael Klements

Learn how to build your own home energy meter, build a solar tracker, design your own Arduino or park your vehicle like a pro with an ultrasonic parking assistant. These are some of the exciting and practical Arduino projects you’ll be guided through, step by step, in this book.

Each project covers everything from setting up the hardware and components to programming your Arduino, along with sample code. There is also an in depth discussion on the principles used and how the hardware and software perform together to achieve the end goal. Each project is finished off with some ideas on improving the design or increasing the functionality to give the reader an extra challenge.

This book will assist you in learning how to use some of the more advanced elements of the Arduino programming language as well as more practical sensors and interfaces. You’ll have fun learning and building each project, and afterwards, enjoy using them in your everyday life.

The projects in this book include:

-Build a Home Energy Meter
-Build a Solar Tracker
-Access your Arduino Over the Internet
-Build an Ultrasonic Parking Assistant
-Build Your Own Arduino
-Build a Television Time Limiter
-Build a High Speed Camera Trigger
-Display Information on an LCD

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