Free humour Kindle books for 05 Sep 18

The Past is Going to Suck: A Time Travelers Guide; The 20th Century

by Peter Wick

The history of the 20th century is all wrong. All the famous historical event are mistakes, the result of careless time travelers trampling on the history they visit. The Past is Going to Suck breaks the century down decade by decade, until eventually the century itself…breaks down. Peter Wick brings his comic voice and the “real” history of the 20th century together in this funny, irreverent book.

101 Questions for Men: An Ice Breaking Book for Guys (Coffee Table Philosophy 2)

by J Neill

A follow-up to the popular 101 Questions for Humanity, 101 Questions for Men takes a hard yet humorous look at modern philosophy. Designed as a coffee table book with men in mind, but consumable by everyone, 101 Questions aims to entertain, challenge, and perplex. Use it for huge parties, intimate gatherings, or for light reading between sips of wine.
Once you taste one Question, you’ll want to devour them all.

The Non-Essential Guide To An RV Lifestyle

by John Parkman

Whether you are buying an RV, own an RV, or just want to refortify why you will never own an RV, this book has it all – a beginning, an ending, and pages in between.
No parched and comprehensive lists of important RV issues here.
For less than the price of a Double Espresso Frappuccino Latte, take a fast satirical romp through a slice of the RV universe.
Life is short.
The book is short.
Take some risks.
Drink expired milk.
Read the book.

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