Free literary fiction Kindle books for 05 Sep 18

Frozen Butterflies

by Simona Grossi

Susan, loner, insomniac, teaches psychology in Los Angeles. One night she meets Nick, a blogger, who has recently found a journal on the bus. The author, a graphic novelist, has filled the journal with drawings and stories about his lost love. But there is something that seems wrong. While trying to unravel the story in the journal and looking for its author, Susan starts writing her own story, slowly realizing that what she sees and experiences might not exactly be real.

The Church of the Rational Atheist: A Novella

by Sandra Mann

Alynda Moore, a young widow in her early forties, must navigate the treacherous terrain between the demands of institutionalized rationalism and the demands of her own grief stricken heart to find a way to move on from the loss of someone truly special.

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