Free poetry Kindle books for 05 Sep 18

Letters to me and you

by Chitrika Bhargava

Letters to me and you explores the intricacies of love and loss. The collection of poems deals with themes of love, heartbreak, torment, hope and the importance of self-love ̶ that prevails in the end. It is an unconventional love story that empowers the reader about the beauty of solitude and falling in love with oneself, all over again. The poems brew a harmonious relationship between identity and vulnerability, taking the reader on a journey of self-discovery.

bring your quiet nights

by Nadia K Grant

bring your quiet nights is a poetry collection for anyone who’s ever been in love or had their heart ripped out. It is broken into three parts that align with life:
  part one – all the things they don’t warn you about
  part two – they say what doesn’t kill you makes you feel like dying and
  part three – there is light, and when you find it, don’t let go

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