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MossHaven: Act I

by Jim Johanson

Banished, imprisoned, and injured, the broken-winged Agrias is crestfallen and his situation is dire. But the cold silence of his prison cell has given him plenty of time to calculate escape and revenge with the aid of a mysterious bird crafted from his own flesh and blood.

Agrias’ charisma and intellect have him collecting followers like a cult-leader, and now they’re being prepared for revolution against the oligarchic, despotic Himerian empire.

Three bandits from the impoverished and exploited city of Gardara are about to unknowingly play a part in Agrias’ master plan.

The grand cataclysm leading to Agrias’ prison break reveals his willingness to use anyone as a pawn to further his own agenda, and his motives for toppling the corrupt empire may be less pure than he would have it seem.

The prison break results in a chain of immense consequences for those living in Himeria, Gardara, and elsewhere under the shadow of Mt. Caramat.

To make matters worse, not everything contained in the prison is human. With the prison bars broken, accounts are now spreading of horrifying beasts spilling out across the countryside.

In a land of wonder and boundless mystery, the balance of power is about to shift. Looming dangers and powerful entities threaten to forever alter the destiny of MossHaven.

Discover the action, adventure and mystery of MossHaven by delving into MossHaven’s Act One!

Part one of a three volume, epic fantasy series.

133 pages estimated at 250 words per page. 33,256 words total.

Romance: Romance for Adults (Short Story Collection Book 1)

by Rachel Thornhill

Read up on this steamy romance story!

Children of the Damned

by D.A. Madigan

Justin and Jordyn Likely are high school seniors in Forked Bridge, the most haunted small town in America. Their parents were Paladins… superhuman guardians charged with protecting mere mortals from supernatural evil. And their parents did an excellent job of protecting Forked Bridge from supernatural evil, too… until they were ambushed and slaughtered by a local cult of vampires.

But Justin and Jordyn have inherited their parents’ full powers, if not their wisdom or experience. Now they must step up and take over as Forked Bridge’s mystical protectors… just when literally all Hell is about to break loose in their town.

Morgan Dixon is a cute little blonde chick who just moved to Forked Bridge with her dad. She’s dating Justin, but who secretly has the hots for his twin sister Jordyn. She doesn’t know anything about Justin and Jordyn’s true callings or superhuman abilities… or does she? Although Justin and Jordyn don’t know it, Morgan has some mysterious secrets of her own… possibly sinister ones.

And then of course, there’s Taylor Larssen, Justin’s ex girlfriend. She’s a trouble magnet… everything from life force sucking ghosts to the evil vampire couple who secretly run Forked Bridge has it in for her, and she doesn’t even know it. Or does she?

Of Dust and Decades

by Kris Malkin

â??Of Dust and Decades’

“At first, his tension takes the form of feet not inclined to move forward. It becomes a stiffness that infects the calves, which in turn, tightens the quadriceps. The spine turns into a motorway, the electrical signals of a scared child travelling one way and the body’s autonomic responses, telling of cold sweats and increasing heart rate, going the other. Expectation of a monster is speeding along the fast-lane, out-pacing everything else.”

Ten stories that burrow into the recesses and remind us that without the rose-tinted glasses, the world stills harbours its own dark secrets.

From the eulogy that is â??Curtains’, to the top of Swindon’s tallest building, in â??A Good Day’. From the serial killer of â??Face’, to the future of the manufacturing industry, in â??Union’.

â??Of Dust and Decades’ will take the reader into some of the more shadowy corners of life. The corners where dreams end and nightmares begin.

If you like reading of places and worlds beyond the “normal” plane of existence, this anthology could be for you.

Just keep your eyes open and don’t bring a gun.

Otherwise, bad things might happenâ?¦

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