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Forged Through Fire: Developing Preparedness for the Perilous Encounter

by G. R. Burns

It is astonishing what happens to the human body under extreme amounts of traumatic stress, especially when facing interpersonal violence. The sad reality is that violent situations are dramatically escalating in the West. There is no assured way of preventing them, no way to avoid them, and no way to physically prepare for them.

It is a problem for which there is only one solution. It is a solution that whispers to us in every facet of our lives: we must be confident of who we are in light of a greater vision.

In Forged Through Fire: Developing Preparedness for the Perilous Encounter, Burns describes real readiness for the active shooter, the serial killer, or the intruder in your home. Perhaps even more importantly, he calls forth a deep understanding of who we are.

G. R. Burns is the Director of Emergency Management at the Tactical Training Academy (TTA). He oversees all training operations, curriculum, and delivery of services to the broad international base of TTA clients. He has been training in advanced tactics for many years. He instructs law enforcement, government agencies, and corporate-level emergency classes. He has used nearly all of his training in the field as a combatives instructor, emergency manager, and corporate speaker for schools, agencies, and businesses.

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