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10 Tips For A Happy And Healthy Life

by Marian Hentea

Depression is one of the leading mental health diseases faced by the majority of the population today. Suicide rates are at an all-time high and the number of people who’ve had suicide tendencies at least once in their lifetime is also alarming. In such a world where people spend more time in front of a screen than with each other, we need more books like “10 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Life.”
10 Tips for a Happy and Healthy Life is a comprehensive and reader-friendly book that guides you through the steps of leading a happy life. It is fun and interesting to read. The book is divided into a few chapters, each with its specific morals and lessons. The chapters are listed below, with a brief description of what each chapter is about:

Life is Yours
Life is a gift. You have complete ownership of your life. Start making healthy choices that keep you happy.

Be Kind to Everyone Else
What goes around, comes around. You can only gain inner peace and happiness if you’re kind and compassionate towards those around you.

Take Care of Yourself
Self-care and self-love is a very important element required to lead a happy and healthy life,

Finding Role Models
Role models inspire you to do better and to become a better person.

Learning to Take Risks
Living life in your comfort zone won’t get you anywhere and it definitely won’t teach you the lessons you need to lead a happy life.

Lead by Examples
Be good to others, and they’ll follow.

Appreciate what you have
We’re often ungrateful for the things we are blessed with. It’s time to look around and appreciate the things we have instead of complaining about the ones we don’t.

Keep Moving Forward
Life cannot be lived while looking in the back mirror. While that may be required at times, you need to focus on the present and what’s about to come.

Surround yourself with awesome people
The company you choose to have greatly determines how happy you’ll be in life

Plan your life
Have some ambitions and goals in life so that you always have something to look forward to!

So, what are you waiting for? Get this book now and discover your journey to happiness!

Curso de Modelado de Arcilla Polimérica: Aprende a trabajar con Arcilla Polimérica (Spanish Edition)

by Enrique Aguilar

No hay nada más satisfactorio que poder crear tus accesorios con tus propias manos, y para que experimientes esa sensación en este curso te desvelamos todos los trucos de la arcilla polimérica(también conocida por sus marcas comérciales: Fimo o Sculpey). Aprenderás a modelar, a trabajajar los materiales y conocerás a fondo todos los utensilios necesarios. Para pasar después a la segunda fase del curso, la parte más práctica en la que te enseñaremso paso a paso, con un buen número de fotografía a realizar pendientes, llaveros, colgantes,… y todo lo que se te ocurro, bien utilizando nuestras idea o utilizando las tuyas propias.
Con nuestros tutoriles podrás hacer regalos personalizados, tus propios accesorios e incluso comenzar a venderlos si se te da bien. Y no te olvides de enviarnos tus creaciones ¡queremos verlas!

Radical R: Learn words starting with R with fun rhymes and pictures (Learning the Alphabet Book 18)

by Desiree Low

Learn words starting with R in a fun way using rhyme and colorful pictures to stir imaginations. Explore the rest of the alphabet in this series

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