Free war Kindle books for 06 Sep 18

Another Knight Another Time

by James Huber

Heinrich was a messenger, diplomat, knight errant to the exiled Princess of Sweden. He travels from Scandinavia to Switzerland meeting and using people has required. He makes his way to Normandy to deliver the Princess’s treaty, he finds danger and intrigue against him and takes passage to Spain. Here he ingratiates himself into the royal court and plans to destroy he supposed enemy, Robert of Normandy. He then moves on deliver coalition papers to three different countries.
He misses out on the battles and wars on the Western European Continent. One knight, Sir Gaston is the main character there and leads young Williams attempts to claim the throne of England. With the assistance of his Lady, he manages a huge army and safeguards the homeland. Heinrich works his way into that court and aids in the success of William
Henry Farmer is a Special Forces officer and is partial to archery equipment for silent killing. He picks up the name Archer and is known as that around army circles. He returns to the U.S. after seeing the demise of the American Government. He returns and joins a commando group to take back the government and restore the U.S. to a viable concern.
Archer meets up with a clandestine group and they take on a corrupt FBI and Federal Service. The stalk, kill and capture the rogue agents.
The quest to break down the illicit government ends in an explosive action against the former F.B.I. leader.

The Dragontail Buttonhole

by Peter Curtis

Prague, 1939. Willy and Sophie Kohut own a prosperous business specializing in selling British fabrics for tailoring suits. When the Nazis occupy Czechoslovakia, Willy is arrested and accused of spying for Britain. After Sophie engineers his release, they decide to flee the country for the sake of their toddler, Pavel. Paying a small-time smuggler and using counterfeit Hungarian passports, they journey through Hungary and Germany itself, on an exodus full of unexpected twists that test their courage, and their love.

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