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Legal (Older Woman Younger Man Romance)

by Bree Dahlia

Taboo. Wrong. Off limits.
I know the drill. I know the rules.
But damn, if he doesn’t get under my skin.
And into my bed.

There’s no reason for a woman like me,
Successful, established, independent,
To ever be sleeping with a younger man.
A younger man with a hard, rugged, sculptured body.
A body that can go all night.
All night.

I can’t resist, can’t turn him down.
Can’t walk away.
Because I’ve never known pleasure like this.
Chase Nolan walked into my life and disrupted my perfect little world.
And made it so much better.

Enjoy it while you can, Jillian.
Because there’s no way there’s a future for us.
After all, is he barely even legal?

** Legal is a full-length standalone romantic comedy **

Beyond The Window: A Fast Paced Crime Thriller (Private Detective Heinrich Muller Crime Thriller Book 2)

by Robert Brown

Discover a gripping crime thriller that will have you hooked from the first chapter to the last.

Heinrich Muller had interviewed potential clients in many strange placesâ??under bridges, at heavy metal concerts, even in the living room of a collector of Nazi memorabilia. When one was a private detective, that came with the territory. But of all the hidden corners and odd locations where he had heard clients’ stories and listened to their pleas for help, this one had to be the worstâ?¦â?¦.

Heinrich Muller is a New York Private Detective who has a long list of clients and a short fuse when it comes to the way the modern world works. His usual jobs involve finding missing people or catching out cheating partners, so when he is contacted by Brixton Murphy he sees something different.

Brixton’s wife Casey has fled to Amsterdam with their daughter, 8-year-old Arizona leaving her younger daughter at home, and now her business partner is found dead. It doesn’t look good, but Heinrich is soon on the case in the Dutch capital’s seedy red-light district. But there’s more to her situation than meets the eye.

This fast-paced thriller leads Heinrich into corners of the Dutch underworld where anything and everything goes and where even the innocence of childhood is held in contempt

Can he find Casey and Arizona before something terrible happens to them? Or is he already too late?

Robert Browns second book in the Heinrich Muller Series is a master class in thrilling suspense that will sure to excite the fans of his first book in the series “Purity Pursuit”. If you love fast paced thrillers, then Beyond the Window will not disappoint.

Hidden Beauty Novels: The Collection â?? Part One (Hidden Beauty Box Set Book 1)

by Mary Crawford

When they fell in love, Jeff and Kiera Whitaker never dreamed their love story would start a legacy that would ripple through the lives of so many of their friends and family.

Until the Stars Fall from the Sky (A Hidden Beauty Novel #1)

Jeff Whitaker thought he had a plan for his life until a redheaded sprite rescued a little boy right under his nose. Kiera Ashley was nothing like he expected, yet she was everything he needed.

Kiera is used to fading into the background. Usually, no one notices the dedicated social worker. But, she’s shocked when the handsome law student sticks around when her life becomes incredibly complicated.

So the Heart Can Dance (A Hidden Beauty Novel #2)

Tara Isamu is thrilled for her best friend Kiera, but weddings are hard. They remind her a time long ago, before her dad died, when her life was still perfect. So much has changed since then â?? she doesn’t even feel like the same person.

When meningitis changed his life forever, Aidan O’Brien lost track of his best friend, Tara. He never imagined he would find her while playing the piano at a remote beach house. Can young love survive years of separation and bloom again?

One More Run (The Roadhouse Chronicles Book 1)

by Matthew S. Cox

In August of 2021, they tried to disprove the adage that violence doesn’t solve anythingâ??by killing everyone.

No people, no problems.

Fifty years later, humanity has emerged from the ashes. As if nuclear war didn’t do enough, a cruel virus followed on its heels, reducing many survivors to mindless killers.

Drivers are the only link between scattered towns. Anyone with the skill to maintain a vehicle (and the balls to hit the road) can seek fortune and glory running jobs for the Roadhouse.

Kevin longs to trade in his steering wheel for a Roadhouse of his own, no longer the idiot dodging bullets for a handful of coins. He’s one run away from retiring when a strange woman begs him for a ride to Harrisburg. Desperation has a way of getting a man to do stupid things, like running a package so valuable half the Wildlands will come after him.

All his life, Kevin cared mostly about himselfâ??and his carâ??yet this woman makes him wonder if there’s more to life than selling food, booze, and weapons to reckless fools.

Her past comes calling, leaving Kevin at a fork in the road: fulfill his dream, or let it go for something he never thought he’d want: love.

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