Free fantasy Kindle books for 07 Sep 18

The Hellhound of Derbyshire: Historical Vampire Detective Series (The Unofficial Chronicles of John Grissom, Vampire Book 3)

by Page Zaplendam

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Historical Detective Mystery at its vampiric best!

John Grissom, vampire bacteriologist, has found a new purpose in life, joining up with friends Henrietta Isherwood and Gerhardt Van Helsing to comprise the off-book Bow Street Odd Crimes Division. What Mulder and Skully were to the FBI, John and Henrietta are to Bow Street.

When reports come in from the Peak District of an unexplained beast terrorizing the countryside, and a lynch mob is ready to pin the trouble on a young girl, the Odd Crimes division believes it’s nothing more than an elaborate hoax. Finding hidden lairs with shrines to plague-era distorted skeletons has them rethinking everything and wondering if they are going to leave Derbyshire alive.

The Order: Nephilim Rising (Gay M/M Adult Contemporary Fantasy)

by Brad Townsend

Book Three of The Order: Nephilim Rising

The Enemy’s attempt to destroy them was thwarted by the aid of the mysterious giant robed figures who watch over them; the same beings who helped them unlock their Nephilim Heritage.

Having survived The Enemy’s attempt to kill them, the men begin to discover more about the Darkness they face, The Order, and the Battle that has waged across thousands of years between the Light and the Dark.

The Avatars of Brad, Ken, Lane, and Bryan are now Awake. The rest of the men will soon follow if they can survive the schemes and attacks of The Enemy who want them destroyed and the Order broken.

Amidst their trials, Ken and Brad and their Brothers discover more about human nature under the Curse and realize how deep the brokenness runs in the humans they are sworn to protect.

Continue the story of Ken and Brad and their Brothers as they grow into what they are destined to become – the saviors of humanity. However, even with their new abilities, they are still men, and The Enemy is strong. Only the loving bonds between them as men, partners, and soldiers can carry them through the pain and sacrifice that accompany the Battle they find themselves in.

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