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Instant Pot Cookbook : Fast And Healthy Instant Pot Recipes | Your Essential Pressure Cooker Meal Recipes: The Quick And Easy Instant Pot Recipe Book

by Laurel Stewart

You always have been wanting to step in the kitchen to whip up a flurry of delicious meals for your loved ones, only to find yourself stepping away because you simply have no time?

No Worries

What if you are someone wanting to fulfil that dream of learning how to cook and being able to prepare those nutritious home cooked meals for your family and yourself?

This Is Your Solution To Whipping Up Delicious Home Cooked Meals!

Be it whether it is your cooking skills being bound and constrained because of your busy schedule

Or you are someone who just plain wants to learn how to cook, this curated collection of Instant Pot Recipes is just right for you!

In this Quick and Easy Instant Pot Cookbook, you will find fast and healthy Instant Pot Recipes to:

  • How to cook fast and yet still bring forth delicious meals every time!
  • How you can finally unleash that inner cook in you, through the virtues of the Instant Pot
  • How you can work around your busy work schedule and still have piping hot meals at the end of the long day
  • How you can have the choice to cook your own nutritious meals and not always have to rely on eating out

The Instant Pot as a pressure cooker is one useful and handy kitchen appliance to have. Filled with numerous easy to use functions and the ability to cook without always having to monitor the food, it has become an indispensable help to many and it very well may be yours too!

Yet, an Instant Pot without great recipes is very much like a car without a steering wheel, you can’t get anywhere!

Enter Instant Pot Cookbook, where you will get to enjoy easy and healthy recipes that range from hearty breakfasts to savory stews!

  • Breakfast recipes like Chunky Sausage Gravy awaits your touch in the kitchen
  • Seafood recipes like Chili Lime Salmon Fillet that will emerge steaming hot!
  • Poultry recipes like Chicken Cacciatore that will absolutely melt in your mouth
  • Dessert recipes like Peach Nectarine Cobbler to round up the meal
  • Recipe guidelines include pressure levels and cooking times
  • Step into Instant Pot Love and enjoy even more savory and delightful meals!

With this handy Instant Pot companion, you can really have the best of both worlds! Juggling both work and preparing home cooked meals would become easy-peasy! With just a little practice, you will be whipping up dishes to wow your friends and family too!

So Become the Kitchen Maestro that You were Meant to Be, Get the Copy Now and Click On The Buy Now Button At the Top of the Page!

Keto Fat Bombs: Over 90 Recipes of Keto Snacks and Treats for Fat Burning and Healthy Weight Loss (low-carb snacks, keto fat bombs recipes, keto fat bombs for beginners)

by Adele Baker

Keto Fat Bombs -the second edition of Best-Selling Author Adele Baker

Boost Your Energy with Keto Fat Bombs

Have you ever wanted to have more energy in your day, feel better, and look better? Many people have found a way to achieve a better life with a simple diet. There is no magic pill; rather, it is as simple as developing an eating plan that gives your body the nutrients it needs.

What is this magic eating plan? It is known as the Ketogenic Diet.

Fat bombs are are high fat, low carb snacks that you can use as a quick breakfast, a quick mid-afternoon snack, a pre- or post-workout snack, or as extra fuel during your day. Fat bombs can be savory or sweet, but they are always made from healthy fats and low carb ingredients.

For your satisfaction, Keto Fat Bombs Cookbook includes:

  • Over 90 delicious recipes of Sweet and Savory Snacks
  • necessary information and basic principles for successful incorporation of fat bombs into your dietary plan
  • easy to prepare recipes with commonly found ingredients
  • ideal food for Low-Calorie High Fat, Ketogenic, and Paleo diets, and are also a great alternative to sugary treats
  • full images, guidelines for portion control and nutritional information

Please note! Two options of the Paperback are available:

  • Full-color edition – Simply press See all formats and versions above the price. Press left from the “paperback” button
  • Black and white version

As a GIFT, at the end of the book, I’ll give you a BONUS!

  • TOP recipes for any occasion from the best-selling author Adele Baker

Use these healthy and easy recipes and start cooking today!

Persuasion: 101, Human Psychology Techniques to Influence Human Behavior by Using Persuasion in Life and Career

by Larry Parsons

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Want to be a more influential person?

Want people to like you and listen to what you have to say?

Want to get ahead in your career and business?

This book is what you are looking for.


Thousands of companies use marketing tricks to sell all sorts of products. In fact, companies will hire teams of people to focus entirely on persuading, influencing, and enticing people.

The ordinary person lives their life, unaware of these techniques and how they are used. But you can use the same tricks businesses are using every day and make them work to your advantage. This book discusses six of the most effective persuasion techniques, how they are used, and how to use them yourself to influence people in life and career:

  • Authority Bias

  • Likability factor

  • Rule of Reciprocation

  • Consistency

  • Consensus

  • Scarcityâ??

What may seem like mind control is just a set of simple techniques to influence the subconscious. Harness the power of these six effective and scientifically proven principles of persuasion will give you the competitive advantage in every aspect of life, conversation, career, and business.


This book opens the door to a million possibilities to positively improve your life, career, and business, and to make the most of everyday conversations and interactions.


What are you waiting for? Grab this book and start your persuasion journey!

Mastering Bitcoin Mining: Complete Guide To Mining Cryptocurrency at a Profitable Time: Easily Create Your Own Mining Rig

by Mitchell Wilson

Reading this book I assume you aspire to become a cryptocurrency miner or to possibly get a better idea about what this mad bitcoin frenzy is about? If you were to invest 100$ into Bitcoins in 2011 they would be worth millions today. I can guarantee you will hold a great understanding of the subject shortly and be on your way to making money. Cryptocurrency is not as hard to understand as others think and bitcoin is really just as hard as you make it. Before you know it you’ll be setting up your own mining rig and making coins of your choice. The thrill and excitement of watching your bank account grow while you do nothing is irresistible, passive income made by mining coins may become a full time gig if you gain a passion for it like I have and learn some tips and tricks to getting the most out of your money that I’m excited to share with you.

Network Marketing: 1000 Men Strong Leader : The Secret To Effortlessly Building A Network Marketing Empire For Your MLM Business – Grow Your Business By Building A Story Brand & Build An A Team

by James Watson

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Discover How You Can Skyrocket To The Highest Position In Your Network Marketing Company Today!!

  • Are you looking to become a better leader for your team? 

  • Are you looking for ways to prospect potential business partners or clients effortlessly?

  • Do you want your customers to become frequent buyers of the programs or products you are selling?

  • Do you want to lead a team of 1000 people effectively and commandingly?

The “1000 Men Strong Leader” is that answer that you have been searching for.

In This Book You Will Learn:

  • How You Can Get Started and Get Ahead Quickly In Your Network Marketing Business

  • Why You Should Never Give Up On Your Business No Matter How Tough It Gets

  • Secret Sales & Selling Tips

  • Why Choosing The Right Company With The Right Products & Compensation Plan is Vital To Your Success

  • How To Build A Customer Focused Selling Platform

  • The Art of Making Presentations That Sell

  • The Lessons From A Network Marketing Millionaire

  • The Top 10 Proven Success Tips in Network Marketing 

  • And Much Much More…

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The Bread Machine Cookbook: All the Best Recipes in One Book Fresh & Crispy Homemade Bread


Make Your Own Bread At Home And Taste The Difference!

Have you bought a bread making machine but you don’t know how to properly use it?

Do you want your home to be filled with the unique smell of freshly baked bread?

With this amazing cookbook you can become a master baker in the easiest way possible!

The book contains many delicious and simple recipes that will help you make healthy, nutritious and absolutely delicious bread at home from scratch.

Using simple ingredients that you already have in your pantry, you can create fresh, crispy and amazing bread.

The cookbook takes you step by step through the process so you can perfectly execute every single recipe for delicious results.

From simple white bread and nutrient-packed whole wheat bread to unique flavors, this book will make your bread making machine your favorite kitchen appliance!

So Click “Add To Cart” Now And Learn The Secret To Delicious Homemade Bread

Advanced Binary for Programming & Computer Science: Logical, Bitwise and Arithmetic Operations, and Data Encoding and Representation

by Sunil Tanna

This book explains how the binary works and how it is used by computers to represent information including positive and negative integers, characters and real numbers. It explains the logical and bitwise operations used to manipulate information and perform arithmetic. We also briefly look at how computers store this information in memory and secondary storage, and how it can be transmitted between computers.

Topics covered include:



How to Convert a Binary Number to Denary

How to Convert a Denary Number to Binary


A Closer Look at Bytes

A Closer Look at Words

* Word alignment, word alignment and packing, byte ordering and endianness



Fundamentals of Boolean Algebra


Combining Logic Gates

* NOT, AND, OR, XOR, NOR using NAND logic

Logical Versus Bitwise Operations

Using Bitwise Operations to Set, Clear, Flip or Test Bits

* Setting bits, inverting bits, clearing bits, testing bits


Adding Binary Integers

* The column addition method of adding denary numbers and adding binary numbers, implementing binary addition using logic gates

Subtracting Binary Integers

* The column subtraction methods of subtracting denary numbers and subtracting binary numbers, implementing binary subtraction using logic gates


Left Shift

Right Shift

Circular Shifts



* Multiplying by a power of 2, column multiplication, Russian peasant multiplication algorithm, multiplication in hardware


* Dividing by a power of 2, denary long division, binary long division, algorithm for binary long division, division in hardware


Representing Individual Characters

* ASCII, extended ASCIIs, BCDIC and other early character encodings, EBCDIC, Unicode

Representing Strings of Characters

* Terminated strings, length-prefixed strings, other string representations


Text Mode Displays

Bitmap Displays


What is a Parity Bit

Even and Odd Parity

Advantages, Disadvantages and Limitations of Using Parity Checking

Parity’s Use in RAID Storage Devices

Unused Parity Bits


Offset Binary

Signed Magnitude Representation

One’s Complement

Two’s Complement

Other Representations of Signed Numbers

* Base -2, signed-digit representation


Fixed Point Representation

Floating Point Representation

Rational Data Type

Logarithmic Number Systems


Why Use Denary Representations of Real Numbers?

Binary Encodings of Denary

* Serial decimal, two-out-of-five, bi-quinary, character-based encodings of denary, binary-Coded Decimal (BCD), Chen-Ho Encoding, Densely Packed Decimal (DPD) and excess-3

Decimal Data Types

* Which numbers can be exactly represented in fixed and floating point?

* How inexact?

* Issues with inexact representation

* Decimal representation




Linked Lists and More Complex Structures

* Limitations of arrays, introducing linked lists, singly and doubly linked lists, more complex data structures


Magnetic-Core Memory and Core Rope Memory




* Mask-programmed ROM, PROM, EPROM, EEPROM, Flash memory


Sequential Storage

* Punched tape, magnetic tape

Random Access Storage

* Magnetic disk, optical disk, solid state drives, flash memory and cloud Storage



Serial Communication

Parallel Communication



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