Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 07 Sep 18

Mail Order Bride: Ellen’s Dilemma (Nurses Of The Civil War)

by Faith-Ann Smith

Boston, Massachusetts – 1861

Ellen Stewart’s father has plans for her to marry the prominent–yet revolting–Edward “The Mule” Taylor, and she is none too pleased. She soon learns their housekeeper and her closest confidant, Mairi, had responded to a mail order bride advertisement through letters written in Ellen’s name, and has struck up promising correspondence with William Thomas on her behalf, who seems eloquent and well-educated, yet incredibly humble.

Ellen’s heart is swept up quickly, but hope turns to heartbreak when William mentions he feels compelled to fight for his beliefs in the coming Civil War, and that she should not wait for him. She soon decides that she, too, wants to join the war efforts by volunteering as a nurse, hoping God will allow her path to cross with William’s.

One day, the well-respected Lieutenant Michael Hunter arrives from the battlefield nearly dead and she is able to convince the surrounding doctors to place him under her care. Within a short while, she is able to nurse him back health and their bond grows stronger with each passing day.

Confusion fills Ellen’s heart as she struggles to balance her obligation to her father, her allegiance to William and her bond with a prominent soldier. Will Ellen find clarity and decide to pursue a relationship based on love, or will she abide by her father’s wishes and marry a man she despises simply based on his family’s status?

Mail Order Bride: Ellen’s Dilemma is a standalone 20,000 word clean historical Western romance.

Champions in the Wilderness: Fifty-Two Devotions to Guide and Strengthen Emerging Overcomers

by Bob Santos

Have you ever felt as though you were navigating desolate spiritual territory? Do you find yourself parched, wondering why your spiritual life seems so dry? You are not alone! The reasons we enter a spiritual wilderness may be many, but one thing is certain, our heavenly Father wants us all to emerge as flourishing champions of the Christian faith.

What is it that marks the difference between a resounding victory in the wilderness and a total disaster? It all comes down to understanding the nature of our journey and responding in a manner that honors God. The fifty-two devotional readings of this book will both challenge and inspire you to grow in God’s grace, helping you to break free from unhealthy mindsets that keep you shackled in a subpar spiritual existence. Why are you waiting? There is no better time to begin than right now!

Winner of the 2013 Bronze Illumination Award in the Devotional Category.

Pope Francis (Pastor of Mercy)

by Michael J. Ruszala

Understanding the life of Jorge Mario Bergoglio is essential to understanding how Pope Francis shepherds his flock – and the key is mercy.

What exactly do people find so attractive about Pope Francis? There is something about him that captivates and delights people, even people who hardly know anything about him.

Aldo Cagnoli, a layman who developed a friendship with the Pope when he was serving as a cardinal, shares the following: “The greatness of the man, in my humble opinion lies not in building walls or seeking refuge behind his wisdom and office, but rather in dealing with everyone judiciously, respectfully, and with humility, being willing to learn at any moment of life; that is what Father Bergoglio means to me.”

This book uncovers the life of the 266th Bishop of Rome, Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

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