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Skin 2.0: A Cyberpunk Science Fiction Novella (The Cyborg Sectors Series Book 1)

by Alex Leu

An unhappy cyborg with a forbidden dream. A society that punishes change. A dangerous quest that could change Amy’s futureâ?¦ or ruin it entirely.

For centuries, men, women, and even children have filled narrow cubicles in skyscraping office buildings, rusty factory floors, and poorly lit illegal damp basements to slave for the survival of their families. Those jobs were low paid, grueling, and even deadly, but for some, it was the only way of life.

By the end of the 21st century, a new generation of workers took over those jobs. These workers never get tired. They never break down. They never dream.

At least, they aren’t supposed to.

“SKIN 2.0” is a dark thriller with a cyborg female protagonist, the first book in a cyberpunk sci-fi series that features compelling A.I. characters, raw emotion, nail-biting suspense, romance, and surprising plot twists. If you loved Westworld, Ghost in the Shell, or Blade Runner, then you’ll love to join the characters of “The Cyborg Sectors” on their page-turning adventures.

Download “Skin 2.0” to discover this exciting new series today!

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