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101 Travel Hacks for the Business Traveler: Level up your Business Travel Game

by Jeremy Smith

Do you travel for work? Does slogging through an airport security line to your middle seat on the airplane sound horrible to you? If so, this is the book for you? In this short guide you will learn the tips, tricks and travel hacks used by business travelers who get the most out of their business travel experience. Business travel blogger Jeremy Smith, host of the Business Travel Blog, shares his unique insights on the life of the business traveler and suggests ways to level up your business trip game!

Learn Spanish with stories and audios as workbook. Spanish language course for beginners and advanced learners.: Spanish made simple. (SPRAUCH 1) (German Edition)

by Anton Hager

Important Note:
If you buy the paperback book, you get the digital Kindle Version for free.
That´s great because you will have it all the time with you.
You will find the audios, through a link at the end of the paperback book, or in the Kindle version.

I am from Austria.
Therefore all the scenes in this book play in Austria.

Learn Spanish with 12 random stories?
Is it really that easy?
Well, probably not the way you think it works.
You won´t learn grammar here. But you will get a feeling for the structure of the foreign language.
Tons of vocabularies in the context of stories.
Learning with stories. Listen to them and read simultaneously.
Immersion is key with this course.
Have fun!


This course is not meant to include all aspects of the foreign language.
It gives you basics and stories do deepen your knowledge.
Of course traveling always is great.


This course, if you can call this book so, shall put its benefits on the market for you.
It gives you 12 stories, with whom you will be able to deepen your language knowledge.
To get started have a look at the table of content.



This book is structured in 12 stories.
Every story is structured in 3 pieces.

â?¤ 1: the English story
â?¤ 2: the Word to Word (WtW) translation from English to Spanish
â?¤ 3: the Spanish story


In addition you find the mp3´s
(in the table of content and with every chapter title).
â?¤ @ mp3 Spanish + mp3 Spanish slow,
â?¤ @ mp3 Sentence for Sentence from English to Spanish ,
â?¤ @ mp3 English

â?¤ Just learn the things you want to do first.
â?¤ Understanding the language through listening and reading
â?¤ Talking through talking with the recordings
â?¤ Writing through writing



These Persons exist in the stories:
G/: Gerhard, the father of the family
U/: Ulrike, the mother of the family
T/: Thomas, the eldest son
A/: Anton, the middle son
M/: Markus, the youngest son
J/: Julia-the girlfriend of Markus
B/: server in the restaurant
W/: Wolfgang, a friend
L/: Laura, a friend

Good learning and see and hear you on the other side,

Anton Hager

Big Adventure of Brother Kimu driving in England and France (Japanese Edition)

by Zenichi Kimura

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結æ??はã?¤ã?®ã?ªã?¹ã§ã¯ã?ã?¹ã??ã?¼ã?³ã??ã?³ã?¸ã??ã?³ã??ã??ã?¦ã?©ã?«ã?ºã??ã??ã?©ã?¤ã??ã?てそのå¾?のã?­ã? ã??ã?¤ã®ã?¤ã?®ã?ªã?¹ã§ã®ã??ã?©ã?¤ã??ç?±ã«ç«ã?つきまã?ã?ã??ã?¤ã?®ã?ªã?¹ã®ç?°è??ã??ã??ã?©ã?¤ã??ã?ã??のはæ?¬å½?に素æ?´ã??ã?ã?ã??まã?ã?ã?¤ã?®ã?ªã?¹äººã??ã?©ã?¤ã?ã?¼ã¯ã??はã??ã?¸ã?§ã?³ã??ã?«ã??ã?³ã?ç?¡ç?な追ã?è¶?ã?ã?なくてé?転ã?てã?て楽ã?ã?っã?でã?ã??

Italian: Learn Italian For Beginners Including Italian Grammar, Italian Short Stories and 1000+ Italian Phrases

by Language Learning University

If you want to learn Italian fast and in a variety of fun ways that actually work then keep reading…

Most people don’t have a huge amount of extra time to spend learning a new language.

Could you be one of them?

You see, most people make the same mistakes when learning Italian and this is causing their progress to stagnate. The problem is that they are only sticking to one way of learning Italian.

But now, you can maximize your chances of learning Italian in less time compared to reading boring textbooks.

Introducing: Italian: Learn Italian For Beginners Including Italian Grammar, Italian Short Stories and 1000+ Italian Phrases.

This book includes 3 comprehensive Italian manuscripts in 1 book:

  • Italian: An Essential Guide to Italian Language Learning
  • Italian Short Stories: 8 Simple and Captivating Stories for Effective Italian Learning for Beginners
  • Italian Phrase Book: The Ultimate Italian Phrase Book for Traveling in France Including Over 1000 Phrases for Accommodations, Eating, Traveling, Shopping, and More

Not only will you learn grammar, but you’ll also increase comprehension and grow your Italian vocabulary while enjoying yourself.

Here’s just a glimpse of what you will learn in part 1 of this book:

  • Pronunciation
  • The Italian alphabet
  • How to count in Italian
  • The time, date and calendar
  • The elements of a sentence
  • The verbs of group 1-3
  • Conjugation
  • Different types of sentences
  • Expressions
  • Italian vocabulary for travel and vacation
  • And Much More!

In part 2, you will get 9 simple and captivating short stories that will ignite your imagination so you can learn Italian quickly and easily.

In part 3 you will get Italian phrases for:

  • Pronunciation
  • Essentials and basics
  • Transport
  • Accommodation
  • Money
  • Eating and drinking
  • Hair Salon
  • Shopping
  • Rent and Car driving
  • The doctor
  • And More!

So if you want to avoid wasting too much of your time “trying” to learn Italian, and actually start learning it in one of the most efficient ways possible, click “Buy Now”!

Thailand for suckers

by David Nadel

The author of the book had a rare chance of looking at the tourist industry in Thailand from the service giver point of view. The tourist’s majorities are kind and considers peoples. But for some tourists, he developed a strong allergy. To complete the nagging balance between bad and worst, the ingenuity of the Thai scammers just improve to a higher dimension. Remember scammers and suckers never really disappear, they just change in time.

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