Free poetry Kindle books for 08 Sep 18

Nyimpa: A collection of poems

by Kwame Stephens

A collection of over poems by Kwame Stephens. Some of these poems were written over 20 years ago. Some as recent as 2015. The poems cover a range of themes – God, being a child, friendship, men and women.

From Fearful to Fabulous

by Sandra Buck

“From Fearful to Fabulous and Everywhere in Between, Journeys in Poetry and Prose,” is Sandy’s first published book. It reflects not only her own experiences, ideas and concepts, but also reaches deep into the hearts of others to reawaken the slumbering spirit residing there. Allow the rich imagery woven into each piece to take you on a very personal journey of your own. No matter your culture, gender, background or spiritual path, you will find bits of yourself within these carefully scripted pages.

Heart Throb 2

by Taslim Md

This book contains my poems. I have a strong belief that everything of this universe belongs to him only. He loves us very much. He loves more than a mother. It becomes easy to understand his love.
We all love our mother but she is wife, she is a daughter, she is a sister and she is woman. Woman is a source of music, dance, color and essence.
Some poems are about that woman, some are about omnipotent, omnipresent entity and few are about human relation.
Love is a myth or truth. Who knows but it is a necessity for our life.

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