Free religion and spirituality Kindle books for 08 Sep 18

An Amish Bride

by Johanna Cruise

An anthology of Amish romance with an emphasis on women getting ready to tie the knot…Lila’s mother has overstepped her bounds and is trying to play matchmaker…going so far as to set up Lila with her former childhood bully…Going against her mother’s wishes, Lila makes up a lie..She gets an acquaintance named Jacob to pretend that he’s her boyfriend…The two barely know each other but Jacob plays along when Lila tells him what the trouble is…The two soon discover, however, that the roles they are playing lead to some unintended consequences…

Chin Up or the Crown Slips: Healing Depression – A Holistic Guide for Women (All About Her Book 1)

by Janet Vella

For years my first thought upon waking was, â??I want to die!’

I write out of the sheer urge to share all that I learnt as I pulled myself out of rock bottom. Depression is a beast and it hit me when I was 11. I tried to end it but luckily the voice in my soul was much louder than the one in my head and I am still here.

This book is part â??Fuck it’ and part â??Namaste’, written and dedicated to the woman who has reached rock bottom but is not willing to stay down there.

I extract real life mundane things that can create the little shifts of awakening and mix them up with my most cutthroat practice of Yoga. I write my stories, throw in some facts and equip you with what you should be doing on a daily basis to manage and eradicate the beast. You then use your independent mind to be inspired, relate and take whatever works for you so you can get on your own healing path.

I am a survivor coming in with some bold statements about healing Depression and bringing back to harmony the invisible and very potent underlying chaos that causes this mental upset.

I dragged myself around in a pity party for years on end and despite my conscious desire to heal, on a deeper layer, I sabotaged it. I feared the letting go of something that brought in the attention, which was lacking in my childhood and even though this sounds like pure insanity, for years Depression gave me an identity. Until I took responsibility, accepted where I was and decided to heal, nothing worked so I am warning you that if you are at the stage of feeling sorry for yourself and indulging in your story, this book is not for you. No book or therapy will work unless you decide once and for all to let go of the drama and start the shift. The tools in this guide are intended to pull you out of rock bottom and right back in your centre, wiping out and polishing mental chaos, attitude and perception. It stands you up straight, reprograms, recalibrates and disciplines you on many levels. These tools work only if you are totally ready and committed to healing. So roll your sleeves and get ready to tackle the beast like a motherfucker!

A Tender Amish Love

by Monica Marks

Celia was raised by a single mother in the Englisch world. She never inquired about her father until she reached adulthood when her mother finally revealed that her father was Amish and the two met on his Rumspringa. Wanting further information, she goes to visit the Amish community where her father once resided and finds romance herself in the form of an Amish farmer. But does Celia want the Amish life and how will her father react when he meets her?
Noah is an Amish man with a broken heart as he continues to mourn the loss of his wife. He tries to distances himself from everything that reminds him of her but it is a futile exercise. He knows he has to pull himself out of depression for the sake of his daughter but it is easier said than done.
Dawn is having a difficult time breaking away from her Amish parents. Her friends are all going on their Rumspringa whle she is left behind. But she meets a visiting Englischer, a man appropriately named “Sunny” because of his bright smile. Dawn soon falls for his charms but her parents are against any possible union because he is not Amish. They go so far as to send Dawn away to stay with relatives but Sunny is undaunted. Will the two young people be able to convince Dawn’s parents that their love for another is real?
Sarah is a young Amish widow left with two young girls to raise on her own. Her daughters don’t miss their father, however, as he was an abusive and strict tyrant.
But shortly after her husband’s death, she meets the sweetest man she’s ever encountered. The attraction is immediate but Sarah isn’t sure if she’s ready for a relationship so soon after the death of her husband.
The community catches wind of their budding relationship and begin to gossip. Can Sarah begin a new romance while still keeping her Amish values?
Rebecca and Eli left the confines of their Amish community years ago. But a tragedy struck them in the Englisch world and Rebecca was now a pregnant woman…widowed and alone…She decides to return to the community she turned her back on years ago only to find his family shunning her as they believe she is at fault for her husband’s death. Will she find forgiveness in the hearts of her Amish brethren and herself?
Lina is looking for an escape. After being stood up at the altar, she wants to get as far away from the world as she can…someplace simply and quiet. Her car becomes stranded on an isolated road and she’s assisted by a handsome Amish man from the nearby community. What she finds out is that both he and his town may hold the answers she’s always wanted


by Hugh Harris

Mama Jean Trakker’s house is at the center of reactivity to a natural gas pipeline that threatens to uproot life in an isolated Virginia mountain community. Novice pastor Billy Upshur is challenged by local customs, angry protesters, a supervisor who always seems to be “on his case,” and storms–both natural and man-made. When Frog Hollow native Cindy Barker offers to help him deal with these issues, they find themselves attracted to each other. What will happen to Mama Jean’ house? Will the protesters prevail in their struggle to stop the pipeline construction? How will Billy and Cindy resolve their relationship? PIPELINE is a story of suspense and romance that’s as fresh as today’s newspaper.

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