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Amish Love Letters: An Anthology of Amish Romance

by Kathe Campbell

Gael is a hard-working but shy Amish man who doesn’t have the slightest idea on how he should court a woman he has had a crush on since forever. He begins to write her love letters but in a mix-up, her sister gets them instead. Believing that he is love with her, the sister falls for the Gael, taken by the sweetness of his letters. Embarrassed by the mix-cup Gael does not know how to break the news to the sister…or does he even want to?
Lizzy is part of an Amish family whose grandfather receives notice that a distant relative has left him some a considerable amount of money. The members of their family soon allow the dollar signs to cloud their Christian values. Even the conservative grandfather allows himself to be seduce by the thought of distributing the money as he sees fit, which includes fixing various things around the town such as the church and school. Will they allow the thought of extreme wealth to poison their values? Will Lizzy let the money get in the way of her new romance?
Rose Beiler had a simple life, and although she often wondered if there was more purpose to it, she was happy. She as engaged to be married, her father was pleased with her and soon she would be an aunt too once her cousin Claire has her babies. But when things turn for the worst, and they call an Englisch doctor to come and assist with the birth, Rose’s entire life is turned upside down. Conflicted by her growing feelings or the English doctor she couldn’t possibly marry Kemp, unless by some miracle God answers her prayers and makes a way.
Grant Williams was only helping out, and the last thing he expected was being called out to an Amish community to assist with a birth. What had been even more unexpected was the beautiful Rose Beiler who captivated him from the first moment he saw her. Having lost his wife to a terminal illness, he never thought he would feel this strongly about any woman again. But the only problem was that Rose was engagedâ?¦
Abe Miller is a shy Amish man who is pegged to be the new minister for the church. He feels he doesn’t have the verbal skills to do the job and is chosen simply because no one else would want it. He pines for a young woman in town who pays him no mind as he cannot bring himself to talk to her. But the day of reckoning finally comes and Abe is called to preach…seeing the woman of his dreams in the front pew…he finally opens his mouth and his heart speaks…
Olivia is a young Amish woman who is adamant about not getting married. She resists her family’s intervention and setups while secretly fantasizing about getting away from the Amish community. When a young widower and his daughter arrive in town, she slowly begins to change her mindset. They teach her the value of duty and sacrifice for family but soon an opportunity arises for Olivia to leave. Will she leave or will she stay?
Rebecca Thompson is a young woman who has been taken in by an Amish family that thinks she has lost her memory. Rebecca, however, is acting. She is a famous actress gone into hiding because her equally famous boyfriend has both cheated on and humiliated her. She pretends she has lost her memory in order to stay with the Amish community but soon falls in love with a handsome young man in the town. But what will he do when he discovers she has been acting the whole time??

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