Free science fiction Kindle books for 08 Sep 18

Radiant Decay (The Goddess of Decay Book 2)

by Charles Hash

Sometimes, there are no happy endings. Sometimes, there are no reasons behind the rhymes. Sometimes, good intentions breed the malignant vices that destroy us all from within. Sometimes, the distant light ahead in the tunnel is the beginning of the end.

The galaxy continues to spiral into chaos as the decay begins to spread, causing emotions to run high, and desperation becomes the order of the day. The innocent are no longer so, and the once invincible have become mortal; the devious pull the strings that sends the naive dancing across the stage. Madness and depression dance while the lives of the the innocent hang in the balance. How deep will the darkness go?

As everything falls apart around them, everyone does their best to survive, and make sense of the chaos. Mersi and Vorle have been driven into hiding by the bounties placed on them by the Siirocians, although Kraeke has pardoned Konii. Adam and Noura both cope with their own inner demons while Rhylie is nowhere to be found.

A dark, hectic, thriller that courses through the flourishing darkness, exposing the rotten, decaying things that are best left hidden, and forgotten.

Glitch (The Harem at the End of the Galaxy Book 4)

by Kyle Kenze

The downside of traveling through spacetime with the galaxy’s most beautiful women…

As the last man alive gathers his all-female army together, their travels back and forth create a time-travel glitch that threatens to entrap them in an eternal paradox. Can they get free fast enough to fight back against the coming alien apocalypse?

This 11,000-word novella is intended for open-minded readers over age 18 who appreciate pulp science fiction, men’s harem adventure fiction, and plenty of nudity, swearing, and, swinging/sharing/polyamorous encounters. The future won’t be rated G.

To avoid spoilers, the complete novel-length series is best read in this order:
Vortex, Book #1
Classified, Book #2
Psych, Book #3
Glitch, Book #4
Explode, Book #5

The Key to Karahool

by Ronda Anson

Andi Altarus is sitting in a classroom at the Space Corps Academy listening to a boring lecture on antiterroism when another mind tries to invade hers. As a highly skilled telepath, she adroitly repels the attack and even identifies her attacker. It’s the guest lecturer, the man they call The Director. Their meeting sparks an adventure that sends Andi away on a starship to the planet Karahool, inhabited by crystalline creatures with minds as adroit as hers. Along the way she stumbles across a smuggling ring, finds a dead body, is murdered twice and teams up with a notorius traitor. He has his own plans for Karahool and for manipulating her into a coup d’état on his home planet.

Ingenium Cosmos

by Nicole North

Humans unknowingly create their own afterlife based on the type of life they live while on Earth. Linda arrives in her self-made hell and is forced to change in order to awaken from a coma and have a second chance to repair her relationship with her daughter.

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