Free war Kindle books for 08 Sep 18

For Duty and Honor: A Rick Holden Novel

by George Galdorisi


A vicious terrorist attack leaves nearly seventy U.S. sailors dead, and the entire United States Navy looking for answers.

In the volatile waters of the Arabian Gulf, the USS Carl Vinson Strike Group – under the command of Admiral Heater Robinson – stands ready to unleash the full fury of a nuclear aircraft carrier against America’s enemies. When it becomes clear that the government has no intention of punishing the murderers, Robinson decides to take justice into his own hands, no matter what the cost.

As a storm of terror descends upon the United States, CIA operative and U.S. Navy SEAL Rick Holden faces a moral dilemma of his own. The military elite in Washington have chosen Holden to halt the cycle of madness.

His orders: assassinate the strike group’s commander, Admiral Heater Robinson.

Dieter in the Fatherland

by Victor Valance

WARNING: You have never read a Nazi Germany novel like this one.
Dieter in the Fatherland begins with a prologue that is a historical narrative about a day of mass hangings conducted by the International Military Tribunals, Nuremburg, Germany in 1946. This sets the tone for the Historical Science Fiction novel that follows and prepares you for the all the coming things you never expected.
Dieter Trommler is a modern German who is drawn against his will through a time portal and lands in 1944 Germany. His first thought is to seek out his grandmother who as a young woman during the war, has her face burnt into a visual atrocity during an air raid. What he learns during his odyssey through Naziland is that truth is the most elusive commodity, ever, and German women barked their “Sieg Heil!” with as much enthusiasm as Adolf himself.
The story begins by laying the groundwork of who Dieter is and builds to a crescendo of weird and ends with a twist that will make you think, “A-ha! I should have guessed the whole time.”
From Hitler’s farting to the prisoner selection ramp at Auschwitz to a deadly pettiness over bra sizes to a first day at Ravensbrück concentration camp, this novel will carry you into worlds you never imagined.
You get it all. A historical novel, an action adventure, science fiction, and a love story. This is the whole enchilada.

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