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Ridiculous Faith: Ordinary People Living Extraordinary Lives

by Shundrawn Thomas

Ridiculous Faith

Truly I say to you, I have no found such great faith with anyone in Israel (Matthew 8:10)

Not here is a book that will change everything!

You are about to experience so many answered prayers that your friends will insist you have ridiculous faith!

Ridiculous Faith moves the search for faith beyond clichés and formulas we all have heard a thousand times to a kind of faith that will help you overcome any problem and launch you into the destiny God has for you. Writing from the perspective of a fellow traveler on the journey to greater faith, the author relates his personal experience of one who has had to learn this ridiculous faith for himself.

Ridiculous Faith gives you:

  1. Tools to dig deeper into Scripture.
  2. Framework to build and strengthen your faith.
  3. Foundation on which to heighten your relationship with God.
  4. Keys to experience the abundant life that your heavenly Father has for you.

The author’s exposition of Scripture is woven together with personal anecdotes and insights, making it ideal for individual reflection or for use in book clubs or a classroom setting.

Outrageous: The Legend of Zesty Sundrops

by William Mark

From criminal to war hero, Zesty’s transformation was unbelievable.

Ernest Hemingway was so impressed, he wrote a book about Sundrops’ exploits: starting with him as a boy tracking down the butchers of his mother and father and hanging them, then leaving behind the role as a hired killer for the Dixie mob, joining the army in WWII and redeeming himself with super human acts of daring and bravery, including assassinating the Italian Fascist leader Benito Mussolini, for which Sundrops received the coveted “Distinguished Service Cross.”

Even a play about Zesty had a long run on Broadway.

But was it all true? And did it matter if he had become a legend?

Eternal Vows – Book 1 (The Ruby Ring Saga)

by Chrissy Peebles

Jump into a fantasy adventure, time travel romance from USA TODAY bestselling author Chrissy Peebles.

(Original version) Book Trailer for Eternal Vows:

New trailer –

Never pretend to be a princess.
Never marry a stranger…even if he is a drop dead gorgeous immortal king.

And most importantly…never slip on an ancient wedding ring you know nothing about.

Sarah Larker returns to a cave where her sister disappeared ten years earlier. She walks through a portal, and is mistaken for a runaway princess by a dangerous immortal king in medieval times. Her plan is bold as well as daring; become this princess, wed the king, and slip on an ancient wedding ring that will unlock the portal back home. Then find her sister, and run as fast as she can out of Dodge. But taking on the identity of Princess Gloria comes along with dangerous consequences; and slipping on the ruby ring comes with an even higher price.

This is a paranormal romance, fantasy adventure, and time travel novel.

The Viking’s Chosen (The Clan Hakon Series Book 1)

by Quinn Loftis

The prophesy must be fulfilled.

His orders are clear: launch a raid against England and bring home the spoils of war. But the prophecy is also clear: General Torben will take a foreign brideâ??one who is a seer and healer just like his mother. The eldest princess of England is said to be just thatâ?¦a beautiful, charming, and headstrong woman. But he’s a Viking army general and she’s an English princessâ??and one who is already promised to the king of Tara.

Two worlds collide in this epic historical fiction centered on an undeniable chemistry that smolders against the odds. Richly written and injected with moments of humor, this action-packed romantic tale will leave you breathless.

Quinn Loftis is the author of twenty novels, including the USA Today Bestseller Fate and Fury.

Books in the Clan Hakon Series by Quinn Loftis:

  • The Viking’s Chosen (February 2018)
  • The Viking’s Captive (Winter 2018)
  • The Viking’s Consort (Fall 2019)

Isle Of Midnight: Vicious Delights (Isle Of Midnight Series, Book1) (A Paranormal romance)

by Lola StVil

*****”Mortal Instruments” meets “Hunger Games” ******

Trapped on a mystical Island. Forced to play a deadly game. And In this game, the odds are never in their favor…

Seventeen-year-old Jazz Miller has been arrested for a crime she didn’t commit and sent to a detention center on the island of Midnight. Soon, Jazz discovers that Midnight is actually a mystical Island with vile creatures, ruthless demons and portals to perilous realms. And the real reason she’s there is to participate in a deadly game against the forces of evil.

In addition to the impossible tasks set before her, Jazz must also confront her feelings for Nateâ??a gorgeous, insolent, alpha team member. But none of that matters because if Jazz doesn’t win the game, Nate and the rest of humanity will face a swift and bloody endâ?¦

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