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Salespreneurship: Sales+entrepreneurship: How to Succeed as a Zero-Base Startup

by Taesoon Shin

Let’s start our business safely with Salespreneurship!

This sales book “Salespreneurship” breaks down the old frame of sales and gain new ways to walk the path of successful and happy entrepreneurs. Planning, personnel management, marketing and finance are important in growing the business, but sales cannot be excluded. But Sales is not appreciated and is even considered a terrifying job. So how can we learn sales and marketing overcome fears?

The author, Taesoon Shin, who had a terrible phobia of sales, realized that fear of sales should be approached as a psychological issue and this sales phobia should be addressed at a subconscious level, tried to overcome it by any means and by introducing a new sales approach. They will be able to learn about the entrepreneurs’ know-how and business models that will survive through.

Sales is First!!

Now he began to advocate salespreneurship, a combination of “sales” and “entrepreneurship.”  Salespreneurship is the entrepreneurial spirit that puts sales first. If you want to start a business that is innovative, challenging and has a good impact, you have to start selling or sales. In the beginning stage of startups, entrepreneurs must be broken, bumped up, and then grow with sales before they can scale up their business safely and innovatively.

The business model new to the world.

The ability to execute a project fiercely.

The elicitation of brilliant ideas.

The sales skills with sophisticated attitudes and language.

These concepts direct this entrepreneurial spirit and you will meet more fascinating know-how to start your new business with No Money!! 

Butterfly Investment – an amazing company that provides entrepreneurs with  new mindset as well as eye-catching business models that are totally new to the world. Butterfly Investment is providing entrepreneurship development and guiding business owners to avoid half-grown businesses from external investments and loans from the start and help them  to start businesses without capital-Zero-base Startup.

It is selling $1,000 membership based online and has already made 6 figure earnings with online sales only.  Butterfly Investment created 30 companies with no capital, Zero-base Startup. Moreover, Butterfly Investment is also making profits by incubating these startup companies now.

The Influence of Military Strategies to Business: Skills to Help With Problem Solving and Decision Making

by MD White

Business Management and Leadership Expert, M.D. White, releases new book, “The Influence of Military Strategies to Business.” A military-based guide to business takes the best wartime tactics and practices and teaches you how you can apply them in your businessâ??and your political or personal lifeâ??successfully. The book is scheduled for release on the 1st of October.
As a Business Strategy and Psychological Warfare Consultant, M.D. White wrote this book utilizing his countless experiences over the years to properly proffer working, tested and trusted strategies to help business owners or employees, business managers or executives, politicians and or public figures manage high-stake business and leadership situations with the greatest success. White had this to say: “No amount of experience in crucial conversations, or business negotiations, can prepare you better than the information you’ll gleam from this manual. It’s truly a politician’s guide to psychological warfare. Perhaps its President Trumps bible, and what he reads everynight. The moral of the story is: Use it, or be used by it! Current geopolitical controversies only emphasize this point.”
Many have deliberated over the effect of military strategies in business, but M.D. White cuts to the chase and reveals the raw and missing pieces all other military strategy discussions have left out. In this book, White extracts the key ingredients of military strategies and the applications which are left out in most discussions. For the first time ever there is a clear work-around of military strategies and an easy to understand roadmap on learning how to unlock, grow and strengthen from within one’s influence, presence and abilities.
The Author further stressed the effectiveness of military strategies in business. “This military-based guide to business takes the best wartime tactics and practices and teaches you how you can apply them in your businessâ??and your political or personal lifeâ??successfully. Developed within a systematic and comprehensive framework, this book utilizes the art of war in a whole new way and reveals that the path to a smooth business victory and mutually beneficial dialogue can be found in an unexpected but rewarding place.”

The world of business is a battlefield. You must be prepared.

Sun Tzu said, “The art of war teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him.” The takeaway? Do everything in your power to be prepared, because it’s only a matter of time before something goes wrong. If you are running, founding, working in any business, or are in an environment where â??politics’ yield to nobody, The Influence of Military Strategies to Business is the preparation you need to succeed.

This military-based guide to business takes the best wartime tactics and practices and teaches you how you can apply them in your businessâ??and your personal lifeâ??successfully. With its systematic and comprehensive framework, this book utilizes the art of war in a whole new way and reveals that the path to a smooth business victory can be found in an unexpected but rewarding place.

The 90 Minute Bitcoin Quick Start: The No Nonsense Guide To Getting Started Quickly With Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency

by James Paris

Make your first Bitcoin purchase with just $10. Pocket FREE Bitcoin as an affiliate marketer. Learn how to bag low priced ‘alt coins’ and ‘penny cryptos’ that could explode in value and become the Bitcoins of tomorrow. Buy Bitcoin inside an IRA or brokerage account. Tools and resources for short-term and day trading Bitcoin and insider secrets on protecting yourself from hackers and scam artists. How to stay up to the minute on news and events, top podcasts and YouTube channels, and much more!

$100 in Bitcoin in 2009 is worth more than $200 million dollars today! Are you ready to cash in on the greatest creation of wealth in world history? The 90 Minute Bitcoin Quick Start is the one book you need to get started on your journey in cryptocurrency. More than just a quick-start guide, it is a complete reference manual with dozens of resources and recommendations on best wallets, apps, websites, and more!

Imagine a world where each person could possess and move money freely without intermediaries; A world where governments have no means to confiscate the funds of their citizens. The decentralization of money will strip the elites of untold trillions of dollars in generational wealth. more than a new renaissance, it will be the greatest shift of power in the history of the world.

How to Price an Ebook: A Guide for Independent Authors (Free Gifts for Indie Authors Book 2)

by Kim Staflund

As an independent author (a.k.a. “indie author”), you must oversee all aspects of your own book business from the project management aspect of things (e.g., writing, editing, designing, proofreading, indexing, publishing) to the financial end of things. If you’re feeling stumped when it comes to setting your manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), you’re not alone. Many indie authors are in the same boat. I wrote this mini ebook for all of you, and I’m giving it away free of charge along with an earlier mini ebook I wrote titled An Independent Author’s Checklist: What You Need to Have Ready for Ghostwriters, Editors, and Graphic Designers. I hope you find both these resources to be informative and helpful supplements to my other full-length ebooks and paperbacks.

This is an important ebook for indie authors to read. I’ve written several articles and blog posts about how to price an ebook in the past, but I’ve never been this strategic with regard to tailoring one’s prices for both Western and Eastern world markets. In retrospect, up until 2016, I had a pretty narrow view of how to price ebooks outside of North America and Europe. What changed for me in 2016? Quite simply, I became a little more “worldly” when I travelled to Asia for a working holiday. What I learned during my six-month trip will no doubt help many indie authors like you with the pricing aspect of a book business.

I’m still a strong proponent of value-based marketing. As I’ve stated many times in the past, most indie authors are already pretty comfortable with price-based marketing (e.g., offering really low prices to try to undercut one’s competition). At the end of the day, anyone can sell based on price. Right? But here’s the biggest problem with that plan: if a low price is the only thing you’ve got, and then another indie author with a similar ebook comes in at a lower price than you can match, you’re done. You’re finished. You’ve got nowhere else to go. But if you can learn how to sell based on value, right from the start, then you’ll always be able to justify your price where it is, no matter what other indie authors are doing. You can even increase that price, down the road, by adding more value to your overall offering. Value-based selling is such an important skill for all indie authors to learn, no matter where you live in the world.

That said, my trip to the “Eastern World” opened up my eyes to all the different markets today’s indie authors can sell into. What might be considered a discount rate in one region of the world is actually considered a value-based rate in another. So, as I discuss in more detail throughout this mini ebook, it’s important for indie authors to be strategic in the way you’re pricing each and every one of your ebooks. Your ability to understand each individual market and adjust your prices accordingly will make all the difference to your sales success around the world. Good luck!

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