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The Planet of the Memory Thieves (Balky Point Adventures Book 3)

by Pam Stucky

The Balky Point Adventures

This smart and fun middle grade/young adult science fiction adventure series takes teens Emma, Charlie, Eve, and Ben, along with brilliant but quirky Dr. Waldo and a host of others, on adventures through time and space. Reminiscent of A Wrinkle in Time, with just a dash of Doctor Who, the Balky Point Adventures are for readers of all ages who love a good romp through the imaginative marvels of the universes, delivered with heart and wonder.

The Planet of the Memory Thieves

Book 3 of the Balky Point Adventures: Return to the mysterious Balky Point Lighthouse and rediscover the wonders of the universes in this third installment of the Balky Point Adventures. Teens Emma and Charlie, and their counterpoints from a parallel Earth, Ree and Chuck, have traveled through space to a distant planet, where Charlie and Chuck want to start a business as intergalactic travel guides. What at first seems like an innocent, bucolic planet takes a frightening turn when suddenly the visitors can’t remember who they are or how they got there. Meanwhile, Ree reveals to Emma that she has some superpowers of her own; Charlie discovers that everyone has strengths, and everyone can make a difference; and all the teens learn that it is our choices that create our futures.

Tiger Bread: Single Recipe Step-By-Step Bread Making Photo Cookbook for Crazily Crackled Dutch Crunch Tijerbrood (You Can Always Make Bread 5)

by Sandy Gee

Make your own tiger bread, with a crispy, crunchy, crazily crackled crust

Dutch crunch, Tijerbrood, Tiger bread, giraffe bread – whatever you call it, Tiger bread has fast become one of the deli favorites. Kids and adults alike have fallen in love with the crunchy crust, and intriguing taste of tiger topping.

Part of the You Can Always Make Bread series, Tiger Bread takes you through each step with full-size photo illustrations. Clear simple instructions follow, with more detailed information about each ingredient, why each step is important to follow, and what to do if it goes wrong.

The chef’s secrets section at the end has hints and tips from a pastry chef to help troubleshoot any problems, and improve your results even further.

  • Great for kids, students, bachelors and the culinary challenged
  • Includes 28 large step-by-step photos, so you won’t go wrong
  • Learn how to make the perfect tiger paste, which substitutes to use for missing ingredients, and which to avoid
  • Everything you need to make an authentic Tiger bread
  • The 10 simple steps to perfect bread dough
  • The secrets of tiger paste explained
  • Download You Can Always Make Tiger Bread now and make a loaf of Tiger bread to impress friends and family today.

When You Gotta Go!

by William Tellem

Bathroom and potty humor abounds in this zany story that follows a lovely family during the most pressing moments of the day … when they gotta go! William Tellem’s When You Gotta Go! is a humorous tale cataloging each member of a family when they need to answer nature’s call: how they feel, how they act, and what they do when they simply can’t take it anymore! Children â?? and adults! â?? will be entertained and reduced to hysterical laughs as they witness the quirky eccentricities of the many characters when they must run to the bathroom. Despite the humorous and wacky messages that are conveyed in this SwordPen classic, the book carries a more serious and poignant underlying message: the importance of healthy eating habits and regular movements. Reading this book to children allows you to segue into the wonderful world of physical exercise, dietary habits, and beyond. It’s a simple message that can change a child’s life. So enjoy the â?¦ oops! We gotta go!

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