Free parenting and families Kindle books for 09 Sep 18

The Castaway

by Manjula Variyam

This publication, highlighting a true story of child abuse, is released in solidarity with the #MeToo movement ( The child is an adult now; yet, she cannot escape her abusers entirely, because they are family. Her abusers have lived proudly in decent societyâ??among you, among usâ??acclaimed and applauded, while she has hung her head in shame and silence.

No longer. Silence is an option no longer.

For, she has seen that her abusers have not reformed with age, nor have they faced any consequences for their abuse. More chilling is the realization that they continue to seek potential victims to satisfy their perversions.

If she does not open her lips and speak, she risks putting more children in the way of their abuse.

She cannot have that.

Weâ??as a communityâ??cannot have that.

Weâ??as humansâ??must have zero tolerance for child abuse in any form.

We must educate ourselves about the forms that abuse can take, because when children undergo abuse within the walls of their family, they do not realize their experience as abuse; they suffer horribly in silence, because that is all they know as life.

We must show our children that life is better than that.

We must stop abusers, no matter their status in our community, no matter our relations with them, because if we let them hide behind irrelevant labels, behind false respectability, behind insincere connections, behind empty words of denials, we risk losing sight of the monsters they truly are.

We must not blind ourselves to their menaceâ??for, their abuse can destroy the very fabric of our community. With their insidious, cruel perversions, they leave broken lives in the wake of their abuses.

Cycles of abuse can be stopped only if each of us stands up and speaks and listens and acts.

CoParenting Tips for StepDads

by Tina McAllister

Men are typically “fixers.” Give them a problem and they’ll fix it or do whatever they can to try and do so. But any man who has become a stepdad knows there are no easy fixes in stepfamily situations. It’s complicated. Coparenting with your partner / wife, along with exes…and sometimes even with extended family members…well, the coparenting gig can get a little tricky. This book provides tips and first hand experiences of other stepdads to help you navigate the murky waters of being a stepdad to your stepchildren.

CoParenting Tips for StepDads was written from the unique perspective of a child of divorce, a woman who is married to a stepdad. After writing CoParenting Tips for StepMoms, Tina realized that there was a need for a book for StepDads as well.

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