Free science fiction Kindle books for 09 Sep 18

Sleepless: (A Detroit Next Novel)

by Alex Kourvo

In a world of wide-spread brain enhancements and everyday nanotech, one tiny breakdown means everyone is in danger. 

Aidra Scott has every PI’s dream job. All she has to do is prove that Jean Claude Gascoigne killed a man in cold blood. It should be easy. After all, Gascoigne committed the murder in front of thousands of witnesses. But he claims that the nanotech enhancements in his brain made him do it, putting Aidra in the bizarre position of proving a man guilty by proving a technology innocent. 

Aidra, like millions of others, has been using that same nanotech to sleep less and work more, keeping her business afloat and her son in college. She has to find the truth behind the technology and its all-too-human inventors, and she has to do it quickly.

Because if Gascoigne is innocent, no one is safe.

Enter the world of Detroit Next, where scandals hide behind stained glass and vertical gardens, and a renewed city is home to the oldest of transgressions.

Leo (Afrikaans Edition)

by Anna van der Walt

‘n Buiteaardse ruimteverkenner, afkomstig van ‘n volmaakte, sondelose planeet, oortree die reel om nooit met die aarde kontak te maak nie omdat hy ‘n plaasmoord wil verhoed. Sy ruimtetuig stort neer en sy onsterflikheid word in ‘n pynlike proses uit hom gebrand.Hy het sy hele wereld verloor en kan nooit weer terugkeer nie. Daar is egter Elana, die mediese dokter wat hom in ‘n stormnag oplaai. en versorg. Hierdie is die verhaal van sy moeilike aanpassing op die gebroke aarde, sy avonture en pyn wanneer hy sy verminderde psigiese vermoens steeds aanwend om mense te help, die worsteling met sy gewete, die vind van die verlossing en die groeiende liefde tussen hom en Elana.

Kingdoms Away 1 (Joiran Cluster Archives)

by Selina Valen Brown

When Al Reos leaves a ruined Earth he makes a decision that will follow him through the ages. It affects his descendants until the last is born – Serafina Reos, the only female. Upon her shoulders lay all his sins and she must make a decision that will ultimately bring life in the Joiran Cluster back full circle. Will she undo the thousands of years that has been carried out to complete her ancestor’s work to protect the Joirans from an ancient enemy, the Sharith, or will she make a decision against the good of the many?

Kingdoms Away 1 of 3 Serafina lives on Aislant, the Ice Planet of the Heikavesâ??a species who live humble lives in cavesâ??where she is loved and learns how to love in return. When she discovers her brother, Thon, is keeping a dark secret her world begins to turn. From that moment on she is unknowingly drawn into the overpowering web of her ascendant, Al Reos. Nothing can save her from having to face the awful truth: she can no longer ignore who she is.

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