Free horror Kindle books for 10 Sep 18

All Because of a Prophecy (The Dark Enterprise Book 1)

by Zsofia Todor

The Hidden world first world war is about to start. Runaway Katerina finds herself in a whirlwind of truths and lies about her life, not to mention meets her father who happens to be the Godfather of the Hidden world.

The Widow’s Fingers: Darkness Bites book 5

by Justin MacCormack

From the winner of the Blackfeather Award for Best New Horror 2014!
“A powerful myriad of horror styles… deeply chilling!”
“Terrifying and personal!”

Justin MacCormack’s “Tales of Terror” – Book Five

He felt it. The blood pounding in his veins. The urge, drawing his mind back to a time before civilised society. The animal within growled, the beast roared. Thick and bloody, “Primal Fear” is a tale about what happens when an ancient curse unleashes the savage side of even the most innocent of nature. After this tale, you will never think about your life the same way again!

In his breakthrough short story “Return to ‘Return to Oz'”, Justin MacCormack creates a shocking and disturbing tale of raw psychological horror, which has been hailed as ‘shocking and personal’!

This anthology collects tales of Genre-Bending Dark Fantasy and Horror, including the popular “Black Feathers” and many more!

Included here is the nightmarishly chilling horror “Feelin’ Fine” – An arrogant young man looking for the ultimate high is drawn into a shocking, disturbing world of sex, blood and horrors from beyond the dawn of time…

Also included is the disturbing nightmare tale “Defying Gravity” – The long-awaited follow-up to the smash hit “Return to ‘Return to Oz'”! Discover the secrets that lurk just beyond the rainbow, as we explore the darkest side of the Wizard of Oz story – the tales that Frank L Baum could never have imagined in his wildest nightmares…

And more tales of dark fantasy and horror!

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Zombies of Summer – Comic Book 003

by Doris Marjorie Moore

Loaded for bear, Bobbie and Joy head for the Galaxy Mall… To get supplies and get back to the precinct intact… But then they meet Reginald Von Strange, the proprietor of the Video Game Arcade and the Mall takes on new meaning for them and everyone trapped within it’s walls…

Escape: Betrayer Awakened Season 1 Episode 1

by Richelle Sepulveda

He wants the peace of death, but his soul cannot rest until he earns it.

He betrayed his oaths to the Elders and their empire, destroying their one chance to end the scourge of the Phoenix, all for the futile desire to protect his little brother. As punishment, the Elders of the Criaad Empire named him ‘Betrayer’ and sealed him in a tomb of stone, and forced him to relive the awful memories of his betrayal for eternity.

Time passed until the Elders were only myths and their empire forgotten. A young boy chances upon the tomb holding the cursed Betrayer, and accidentally freed him with forbidden magic.

The Betrayer sees his dead brother in the young mage, Harlan, but in order to save the child from a brutal death he must swear an oath to complete an impossible task for a mysterious man.

Betraying yet another oath would mark his soul forever, but so would leaving the boy to die. Is there any way for him to earn the peace of death, or will he be forced to wander the world forever, haunted by the faces of those he could not save?


by Brandon Faircloth

Since he was born, death and misfortune have followed Eric Talbot. Pursued as an adult by both human and supernatural forces, he begins to get answers to questions he was always afraid to ask and to see the larger pattern at work. As the lines of this dark pattern begin to converge, Eric is forced down a path that may not just mean the end of him…but of Everything.

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