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1000 Random Facts And Trivia, Volume 3 (Interesting Trivia and Funny Facts)

by Lena Shaw

Do you know what may force the mother hamster put her baby into her own mouth? Have you heard of the incredible inventions such as the Cat Meow Machine, or the White Goat Paper Recycler? Did you know how affordable and how tiny is the world’s smallest drone? Would you like to read some of the newest and the most incredible facts? If the answer is YES, this book is FOR YOU!

“1000 Random Facts and Trivia (Vol.3)” is the much-anticipated third book in the series. The book provides a remarkable amount of absolutely random entertaining, insane, silly, chin-dropping, funny, odd, unthinkable, stunning, and/or shocking facts. There are exactly 1,000 facts in this book – I am not kidding! Many of these amazing facts will literally blow your mind!
This book is family-friendly and safe for your children. It will help you to impress even the smartest and the most knowledgeable friends of yours. You will come across as a very smart person whenever you mention some of these facts at a party or in the other mostly informal places. Start conversations, make new friends, and raise a laugh of your beloved with these random facts! If you’ve got a pub quiz or trivia night to go to, get this book and that’s the only assistant you’ll ever need! This is your chance to become funnier, cooler, and more informed in no time!

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How to love reading: A simple guide to speed reading with beginner and advanced techniques

by Alex Botnaru

In How to Love Reading, the author shares his experience of how he started to love reading by embracing speed reading techniques. He describes basic techniques that don’t require any practice and will speed your reading of digital content. These techniques work right away without training or having to develop new reading skills. These techniques may work for audio and video content, too.
Because your brain and eyes are more powerful than you think, he also describes more advanced reading techniques that are simple and efficient but require practice and perseverance. These techniques will eliminate old reading habits and significantly increase your speed and enjoyment of reading.
The author also provides simple tricks on how to improve comprehension, along with advice about how to highlight, take notes, and mind map.
The speed reading techniques described in this book will be very helpful to anyone who struggles to read, not just to help them read faster but also to improve their life.

Ticklish T: Learn words starting with T with fun rhymes and pictures (Learning the Alphabet Book 20)

by Desiree Low

Learn words starting with T in a fun way using rhyme and colorful pictures to stir imaginations. Explore the full alphabet in this series

Great Ancient Indian Mathematicians: A Short Description of great ancient Indian Mathematicians (Maths Book 1)

by Dr. Yogeesh N

This Book is a collection of a short and relevant description about ancient Indian mathematicians and some of their studies with their life history along with their photos

Teaching Under Pressure: Looking At Primary Teachers’ Stress

by Anne Cockburn

This text is based on the author’s research into primary school teacher’s stress. The research has been linked with the author’s belief in the need to understand ourselves, our personal and professional situations and how they relate. The resulting book is a practical text designed to address the reader in such a way that they can readily identify with what is being discussed. Futhermore, readers are encouraged to explore ways in which they can begin to tackle their own problems.

The Adventures of Donna Sophia and…Doggy Spa Day

by Robert Filer

The fourth installment of “The Adventures of Donna Sophia.” Donna Sophia’s friend goes on a day of pampering. Donna Sophia learns that dogs too need to have good hygiene. Modified for Kindle. Read with Kindle in vertical position.

Aprendizaje Cooperativo: Guía de aplicación en el aula (Libros para una nueva escuela nº 2) (Spanish Edition)

by Pablo J. Díaz Tenza

Guía de aplicación práctica del Aprendizaje Cooperativo en el aula fruto de las experiencias de varios años de probar, equivocarme y acertar en algunas ocasiones… Encontrarás en este libro experiencias prácticas del aula y plantillas que podrás utilizar en tus clases.

Durante mis primeros pasos en el Aprendizaje Cooperativo cometí muchos errores: hacía y deshacía los grupos sin orden y
concierto, comenzaba grupos de base el primer mes del curso, desconocía estrategias de interdependencia y un largo etcétera de errores y carencias. Comencé a aplicarlo porque intuía que podía ser bueno para mis alumnos y hoy estoy más convencido que entonces de los beneficios derivados de esta metodología y soy más consciente de sus posibilidades.

Este libro está escrito, como entenderá el lector, a base de las hojas rotas, fallos y rectificaciones que me gustaría poder evitar a muchos compañeros docentes.

Después de varios años de experimentarlo en mi aula puedo decir bien alto que mis alumnos han aprendido más y mejor a través de esta metodología y que esta es aplicable desde los primeros años hasta la educación de adultos e incluso en la organización docente.

Espero que estas líneas sirvan de trampolín para que muchos compañeros puedan lanzarse a esta divertida y apasionante piscina.

Picka Subject: The Poem

by Stephen Ebanks

For those who love metaphor, rhyme and poems in life..

Enjoy your day!

A Socially Critical View Of The Self-Managing School

The shift from the model of central government educational control to school- based management has been widely adopted and acclaimed and has created the general impression of increased democracy and participation.; The international contributors to this book tackle this important policy issue and look behind the scenes of the moves towards school self- management. They investigate the phenomenon of the self-managing school, Why It Is Happening Now, What Is The Truth Behind This Notion And The problems which lie behind devolution and self-management.; The self- managing school, it is claimed is not about “grassroots democracy” or “parent participation” but absolutely the reverse and this contradiction is best understood in terms of the ideology of the New Right. Enlightened and informed perspectives of the reality behind school self-management suggest that the devolution of power is only superficial. Hierarchies continue to exist as unequally funded schools which perpetuate class, gender and ethnic divisions. The mechanism involved promotes the Survivial Of The Fittest Through Notions Of Choice.; For Those Involved in school management and education generally, this book should provide a useful insight into the struggle surrounding the control of schooling.

Critical Perspectives On Educational Leadership (Deakin Studies in Education Series : 3)

by John Smyth

First Published in 1989. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

The 24 hours Blogging lessons: The beginner’s guide to successful blogging

by Philip Knoll

The 24 hours blogging lessons;how to blog for profit
You need to read this book; Becouse, wheather you have been blogging for years or just you planned to start, 24 hours blogging lessons, how to blog for profit, offer you a solid,practical step-by-step guides and action plan for creating a successful and profitable blog.

this book is written for

*those who want get started blogging

* those who already into blogging but not making as much as money as they had like to.

 some of the topics covered in this book 

  • Why people blog
  • how to choose perfect niche
  • how to set up a self-Hosted wordpress blog
  • complete instructions for setting up a blog
  • final words of wisdom before starting your blogging journey
  • How to use wordpress
  • how to write and create great blog content
  • best blogging practice
  • Establish your blog on social media
  • How to make money from your blog
  • Monetization strategies for a blog including affiliating marketing and Google Adsense

When you read this book!  you will  get to know that starting blogging is not as daunting as many people think. in fact,  the book is set on step-by-step  instructions so that you will be able to create and grow your own blog, avoiding any missteps that hinder some novice.

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Consorting And Collaborating In The Education Market Place (Education Policy Perspectives)

by Chris Husbands

This text offers descriptions and analyses of some of the different ways in which schools and other educational institutions have started to establish new collaborative relationships in today’s competitive educational marketplace. Using case studies, the book describes examples of such collaborative structures.; Educational consortia have been established as a vehicle for professional and curriculum development, as a source of mutual support and as a condition of mutual survival. As the “LEA monopolies” have been forced to shed many of their traditional functions or schools have opted out, schools have found it necessary to re-create parts of their collaborative structures out of sheer self- Interest.; For Some Educators Who Continue To Be Attached To Notions Of “an educational service” and professional collegiality in the provision of such a service, inter-institutional collaboration becomes seen as something to be valued independently of the instrumental benefits which it provides. For this variety of reasons, consortium working and collaborative structures seem set to develop in spite of, or as a necessary antodote to, educational markets. Understanding the role and operation of such structures is a necessity for educational managers in all parts of the educational service.

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