Free science fiction Kindle books for 10 Sep 18

The Speed of Death

by Alan Spencer

What horrors await those who travel faster than the speed of death?

Kirby Sherwood is dead, not that it matters much onboard The Extended Life Express. This super train allows the recently deceased to live again for a short period of time. The secret? The super train travels faster than death itself. Kirby’s life is extended by fourteen days because of this phenomenal cutting edge program. He enjoys the high end comforts of a resort on a train, and even experiences romance.

But things aren’t going as planned during this particular ride. The train has surpassed its regulated speed, cutting through dimensions, and hurling itself towards death instead of away from it. Kirby must strap his sanity on tight as he faces off with the mysterious entities beyond this world who perfect death to mathematical and cunning perfection. Can Kirby escape this evil force, or will the final days of his extended life be filled with unrelenting terror?

The author of the novels “B-Movie Reels,” “Dead Bitch in a Bathtub,” and “The Three Days” brings you his next foray into high body count horror.

Kharon: The Journey of Kyle Gibbs (A Kyle Gibbs Action Thriller – Book 3)

by Wayne Marinovich

Book 3 in the Kyle Gibbs series.

The year is 2033. A ship docks in Scotland’s Glasgow Harbour. Men in hazmat suits stand guard as hundreds of figures dressed in rags trudge off the ship and are forced into trucks destined for the European continent.

Following the three-metre sea level rise, the world is a changed place. Flooded megacities run by Warlords help the New Governments of America, Europe and Asia to keep control of the poverty-stricken masses. This dystopian existence is now vulnerable to a deadly contagion threatening every Floodlander living in the megacities. A virus that will kill millions and topple the fragile New Governments from power. Desperate leaders are forced to recruit someone who can hunt down the brains behind the sinister organisation, hell-bent on holding the world to ransom.

Ex-SAS soldier, Kyle Gibbs is living in a commune in the tranquil English countryside, oblivious to the fact that someone from his past is plotting to destroy his world. Personal tragedy forces Gibbs to come out of retirement, and he is tasked with capturing the man who intends to cripple the world’s governments.

Will Gibbs do as ordered or seek personal revenge?

Escape From Covenant Cove: A Novelette

by R.L. Dubbert

At sixteen, Jessica Triplett ran away from home after her family witnessed a brutal beating of a young man. She lived on the streets, in the shadows among strangers. Until a man from her past finds her setting into motion a series of events that leave her wondering if she is even human.

Eve of Tomorrow (Dawn of Rebellion Series Book 3)

by Michelle Lynn

They took my childhood. They took my country. But when then they tried to take my sister, they didn’t realize it would lead to their downfall.

You grow up fast when you’re called upon to lead a rebellion. You learn who to trust, sometimes the hard way. You become hard because you have no other choice.

Whatever it takes. That’s what it’s come down to, but it didn’t start out this way.

It started with two London girls and a birthday present. They’ve given us no options; left us no safe path to tread. They’ve imprisoned us. They’ve shot at us. We’ve had to watch our friends die. But it ends here and now.

We’re no longer alone, no longer scared. One fight is over, but another has just begun. Not all of us will make it, but there’s a weapon that is more dangerous than anything we’ve ever seen. We have our mission: stop them from destroying everything we have and come back to help build everything we could hope for. A new world.

This wasn’t the life anybody imagined, and we’re going to do something about it.

Consensus: A Cyberpunk Adventure Story

by Richard Parry

Decisions shouldn’t be hard.

As a lead researcher for Reed Interactive, Austin Ainley created The Decider. It’s tech that can nudge people towards making the right choices. Despite his brilliance, Reed threw him out without the common decency of vesting his shares.

Austin needs to get his stolen invention back from Reed. If he doesn’t, he’ll be penniless and out of a healthcare plan. Revenge wouldn’t suck either. 

With a team of off-grid mercs, including the milspec cyborg Ruby Page, he might stand a chance. 

All Austin needs to do is lead his team to victory. With talents like his, how hard can it be?

Join Austin on his not-so-much-of-a-hero’s journey in this page-turning cyberpunk technothriller!

Out Of Time

by Charles DeMaris

Dr. Avi Zielinski is a retired professor with too much time on his hands and a penchant for tinkering. When his tinkering leads him to invent a working time machine, his work draws the attention of two wealthy brothers with little love for America.

Earl Grant and Clyde Jackson are the quintessential rednecks who have a passion for God, country, hunting and beer, not always in that order. When they find out that the brothers have stolen a working prototype from Dr. Zielinski’s lab and plan to go back in time and drastically alter American history, there is no way they’re going to allow that to happen.

Join Earl and Clyde as they race through time and try to prevent an unspeakable crime, one that could fundamentally change the world as we know it. The fate of America rests in the hands of two of the most unlikely heroes. Pick up your copy of Out of Time today.

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