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Prepping: Proven Lessons For Smart Prepper

by Jayson Gordon

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Prepping: Proven Lessons For Smart Prepper/h1>

A prepping kit is a basic lifeline that ensures your survival in a time of necessity. It should contain all the basic essentials that you may require to survive in an unexpected emergency, natural disaster or catastrophe. Prepping for a natural disaster can be very overwhelming.

The most important question is where to start? It is very puzzling to manage so many things at once. You will need a lot of things to survive a disaster or a catastrophe. Survival kits come in a variety of sizes. First thing to bear in mind is that how many days will you be isolated? Whether it is a week, a month or several months you should pack accordingly. No matter how overwhelming the task seems, fear not! We have designed this book as an ultimate prepper’s guide. Whether you are seasoned prepper or somebody that is new to prepping and does not have a clue as to what they are doing this book will bring you a lot of information. You will now be able to follow these simple steps, guidelines in order to successfully plan for an impending catastrophe. We gave divided the book into clear and concise chapters keeping in mind reader friendliness.

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Titán 10K: Ve Más Allá de los 5K en 6 Semanas o Menos! (Principiante a Finalizador nº 3) (Spanish Edition)

by Scott O. Morton

¡Ve más allá de los 5K y conquista tu primera carrera de larga distancia!

Titán 10K presenta la carrera de larga duración. Este libro te ofrece dos planes de entrenamiento diferentes para principiantes y corredores avanzados. El plan para principiantes te guiará a través de seis semanas de capacitación para corredores que son nuevos o que han corrido algunos 5K. El plan avanzado asume que puedes correr fácilmente 5K y deseas una ruta rápida para aplastar los 10K.

En Titán 10K aprenderás sobre:



-Forma de correr



-Pérdida de peso para corredor básico

-Estimulación antes / después de la carrera


-La mentalidad del corredor

-Programas de entrenamiento semanal para principiantes

-Cronogramas de entrenamiento semanales avanzados

-Programa de entrenamiento resumido

-Listas de verificación del día anterior / posterior a la carrera

Este libro es para cualquiera que quiera ir más allá de la distancia de un 5K. Aquí es donde el entrenamiento de base comienza a llevarte a distancias más largas como 15K, medias maratones y maratones. Si sigues los pasos descritos en este libro, lograrás este objetivo. Titán 10K es el libro número 3 de la serie, De Principiante a Finalizador. Después de completar tus primeros 10K, ¿volverás a tomar el reto? ¿Tal vez medio maratón? La guía para principiantes de medio maratón, que es el libro número 4 de la serie, estará esperándote cuando estés listo.

Soccer Fitness Workout: 2 weeks individual training program for Soccer Players

by Vasilis Papadakis

Manual-Guide to improving fitness in soccer, in individual workouts. Exercises for aerobic running, ball drills that improve the technique also and strength-training exercises, in a full exercise routine. Can be used by footballers,trainers, coaches.

10 Tips for Getting a College Football Scholarship

by Jeremy Smith

Including D1, D1-AA, DII, NAIA, DIII, and JUCO, there are almost 1000 colleges with football programs in the United States. If you are at least an average to above average player, with some hard work, diligence and flexibility you should be able to play at the next level with some or all your tuition paid for. But, you can’t just sit back and wait to be discovered or expect your football coach to do it (or your parents). All those people may (and should) play some role in your recruiting process. However, no one but you is going to go earn one. With that in mind, I’ve assembled a list of tips that I’ve found to incredibly helpful in getting you (or your kid) through the College Football Recruiting Process.

Geocaching is So Much Fun

by C. Mahoney

Get out and play. Life isn’t all about work. It is supposed to be fun. Remember when you were a kid and you played Hide and Seek? Well, I have a little secret to share with you. Come closer. Shhh. Listen. You. Can. Still. Play. Millions of people all over the world are playing every day. Millions. Not thousands. Not hundreds. Millions. Adults and kids. Men getting off from work and women on their lunch break. Retired folks and families with kids in tow. And you are missing out on all of the fun. The game is on. Now. Today. Get out and play this game called geocaching.

Soaring to Great Heights (Nature’s Guide to Happiness Book 2)

by C. Mahoney

Decide what is important and then focus on that. If you are thirsty, then take a drink. If you wish to clean your feathers, then jump in and splash and frolic to your heart’s delight. If you wish to rest for a moment, then stand still. Pick one thing and do it. Don’t try to do two or three things at once. If you try to dance about and look around at the same time, then you are likely to fall out of the bird bath. Do one thing at a time and do it well.

Building a Strong Foundation (Nature’s Guide to Happiness Book 3)

by C. Mahoney

Rain is coming, you warn? A storm? Oh, really. So what? Let it come. I am not afraid of those clouds and what they may bring. I laugh at them. Ha! Come. Bring it on. Look at me. I am rock-solid. I have strong character. I have been through many storms and they haven’t defeated me. They serve only to make me tougher. Just wait. The water will dance off my skin and bounce to the ground. It won’t hurt me. It may make a mess at my feet, but it is just rain. I am ready for this.

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