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Master WordPress Like A Boss: A Beginnerâ??s Guide to Planning, Designing, and Creating Your Very Own Unique WordPress Website

by Dennis Lonmo

WordPress is a software that enables you, me, and just about anybody to quickly and with little to no budget set up and run our very own websites. It doesn’t matter if you’ve previously written code or notâ??you don’t have to have any experience whatsoever. The only thing that matters is your passion and willingness to grab all the knowledge available for the taking, in order to build your skills step by step.

In this book you’ll learn everything you need to know to plan, design, and create a WordPress website with no coding needed whatsoever. If you’ve ever wanted to gain a practical, in-depth understanding of WordPress, this book series will teach you everything you need and more.

This is the third book in a series geared towards a complete beginner’s education in WordPress software. The first book in the series covers how to install WordPress locally and on a web host. The second is an in-depth explanation of everything you need to know about the WordPress dashboard. To get the most out of this third installment, you should already have access to the WordPress dashboard, as this book does not cover how to install WordPress itself, but rather how to create a website with it. â??

If you don’t have WordPress installed, you can check out the first book in this series here.

The Dummies’ Guide to Software Testing

by Venkatanarasiman K

The primary motivation for preparing this book is to serve as a beginner’s guide targeted at aspiring and budding software testers to help them in establishing a sustained and fulfilling career path. This book is just a tip of the iceberg and not a bible of concepts which would suit every context. However, it is an impetus and a starting point for digging deeper in the software testing space. There are a wide variety of resources dedicated in various topics based on your area of interest.
This book influences by my interactions with industry leaders, testing forums, customers, and end-users. Cross-functional teams, developers, regulatory personnel, project managers and business directors also provided insights.

Become A Better Business Blogger in 30 Days!: Join The Blogging Challenge For Better Visibility, Leads & Influence (Blogging book 1)

by Sarah Arrow

*** Download the 10th Anniversary Edition for 2017 ***
Are you looking for a blogging book because you’re thinking about starting a blog? Have you been put off by how hard business blogging seems? UK Blogger, Sarah Arrow, felt like this when she started business blogging in 2006. Can you imagine having someone to guide you on what to write to make it blogging come together for you? If you can, this is the blogging book you need.

Sarah started blogging for business in late 2006 for her husband’s transport company. She organised her first 30-day blogging challenge in 2007. Over the years she’s met some very nice people (Tony Robbins, Karren Brady, Will Young and many other lovely people) all through the power of business blogging.

She regular speaks on webinars and at events about blogging, digital marketing and extreme visibility in search. She believes that writing and publishing for 30 consecutive days will help you grow your writing muscle, focus your message and give you the discipline to continue business on blogging with great results!
Sarah’s blogs have been listed by Forbes three times, as a top website, by MSN (top website), a top 5 business blog by Ebuzzing, syndicated by an international newspaper and many other accolades, making her the perfect person to walk you through how to blog and get the results you want. Sarah’s clients have got spectacular results very quickly and go on to leverage their website traffic to grow their business with

This blogging book comes with a thriving Facebook group where you can ask questions, share your content and be safe in the knowledge that other people are participating in the challenge too.

You’ll love how you can create content that captivates, and do so with the right expertise at your fingertips!

Download your copy of the business blogging guide to your Kindle now.

Content includes:
*How to set up a WordPress self-hosted blog video training
*What to write about on your business blog
*How to create your editorial calendar
*Blogging prompts so you’re never stuck for ideas
*How to revamp your about page and your contact pages for blogging success
*How to curate content and one little-known tool that enables you to curate awesome posts, fast!
*How to burst through blogger’s block
And, much, much more….

Here’s what some of the participants think about this business blogging book:

Alexandria Gunn “The 30-Day Blogging Challenge isn’t just a great way to build your blog and the content on it. It’s also giving me the chance to build relationships with bloggers, and find corners of the internet that I never knew existed. I’m so thankful to Sarah Arrow for setting this up, and hope to continue it for the months and even years to come. “

Sarah Buchanan-Smith “I knew I wanted to blog and that blogging would be good for my business but I had no idea where to start. So, I subscribed to Sarah Arrow’s 30-Day blogging challenge and I’ve been blown away. Every morning I get a really clear, succinct email giving me great tips on everything I need to know to get myself up and blogging like a pro. Structure, content, length, scheduling, SEO you name it, it’s covered. But rest assured, I never feel overwhelmed, just hugely grateful for lots of quality, actionable information.”

Ida Horner “My blogging activity had taken a nose dive. Although I wanted to revive it, I was lacking in motivation. Being part of the 30 Day blogging challenge changed all that. I have more visitors and comments on the blog. I have also discovered new blogs to read that I would not have otherwise read.”

Venita D Anthonij “This challenge has converted me from dreading to blog and seeing it as a “business chore” to really enjoying the process of creating creative content. Thank you Sarah for setting up this superb blogging challenge, which is truly a pleasure to be participating in.”
Download your copy today and start leveraging the power of online visibility in your business.

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