Free fiction Kindle books for 11 Sep 18

A Boy Called L: Damaged Souls Golden Hearts (prequel)

by Amy J. Heart

A street boy who doesn’t want love. One night, one girl changes everything.

I’m young. Homeless. And angry.
I sell misery and pain to guys who get off on it.

Am I into men? Nope.
Sex? With my past. No thanks.

But I want to stay alive, and a blowjob equals money which means I eat. And on the cycle goes. Until tonight when a girl who shivers in the rain, shocks my dead heart to life.

This girl is everything.
I don’t know her name, but I wish I did.

There’s that sayingâ??be careful what you wish for.
But I had to learn the hard way, because my name is Lightning, and I don’t know what love is.

This short intro novella plunges you into the darkness of L’s last night on the streets when he encounters the girl who’ll take his tormented heart and change everything. Lightning Boy, the full length HEA end to L and Eden’s story, can be read as a standalone and is available now. Both books feature frequent strong language, sex scenes, and a character with sexual abuse in his past. For mature audiences only.

Damaged Souls. Golden hearts. Redemption.

Daddy’s Coming Volume 4: First Time Taboo Erotic Step Romance

by Rachel Fiore

Tonight is the night.

I’m ready to lose my innocence to my boyfriend. While I’m waiting for him to come over, I start playing by myself. But when the door opens and the man of the house walks in, I’m left in stunned silence.

He’s supposed to be working late, and now he’s home, staring at my exposed body with hungry eyes. He’s going to take my flower and make me a woman.

And I’m going to let him.

The Swap: A Nicole Graves Mystery (Nicole Graves Mysteries Book 1)

by Nancy Boyarsky

When Nicole Graves arranges a summer-long swap of her Los Angeles condo for a London couple’s house, she thinks it’s the perfect arrangement. She’s always dreamed of seeing the real London; she’s also hopeful the time away with her husband Brad will be good for their troubled marriage. But things don’t turn out the way Nicole expects: The Londoners fail to arrive in L.A. and appear to be missing. Then people begin following Nicole and making threats, demanding information she doesn’t have. Soon, Nicole realizes she’s in serious trouble–but she can’t get Brad or the police to believe her. When the confrontations turn deadly, Nicole must either solve the case or become the next victim.

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