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The Superhero Response: How 9/11 Changed Our Superheroes and Why It Matters

by Jeffery Moulton

Recently featured in Robert Kirkman’s Secret History of Comics!

9/11 changed our superheroes. What does that says about all of us?

On September 11, 2001, the world was changed with a horrific act of terrorism against the United States. This act changed our politics, our religion, and even the way that we think. It is no surprise that it also changed our superheroes.

In the post-9/11 world, superhero stories have experienced an unprecedented surge in popularity, gracing every form of popular entertainment, including movies, television shows, literature, and even live theatre. Superman, Batman, Spider-man, Captain American and too many others to count are everywhere you look and fill many of our daily conversations. But more important, is what these larger-than-life archetypes and their struggles against evil can tell us about ourselves.

Filled with thought-provoking questions and in-depth analysis of post-9/11 superhero stories and the way they reflect changes in our society, THE SUPERHERO RESPONSE is sure to thrill and fascinate die-hard comic book fans and casual readers alike.

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Praise for The Superhero Response:

“Where others have tried to remind us of how we felt on 9/11 and fall short, Moulton is able to do that in just a few paragraphs. In a book that could have become very รข??academic,’ he writes in a very easy-to-grasp way that everyone can enjoy.” ~ Alisha U.

“This book actually says something about our popular culture and why it matters.” ~ Christine S.

911 First Responders at Ground Zero

by David M Bresnahan

First responders were not prepared for the horrific scene of death and destruction that awaited them. This is the story of those first responders during the first hours after the attack on 9-11. Their stories helped to re-shape the training and preparations today’s first responders receive to be better prepared for the challenges that may one day come.

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